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MitchLawrenceVA's Archive [Male: Breton and Imperial, Caucasian]



Age: 16
Gender: Male.
Last Updated: 12/27/16
Active Member: Yes

Playable Races:
I can do human races of course, but I haven't tried any other. 
I can do teenage to young adult in age, maybe younger if I tried.
Whatever character is asked of me.

My first VA job was on VoltiacFire's mod, Unto The Breach, in which I voiced two characters who were twins but had entirely different personalities. I was the brother pair, Colt and Kosch. I have done various other roles since then, though they're all much smaller and not nearly as memorable. Not that those roles were very memorable for anyone other than myself. 

I can make .wav files and convert my files to quite a few other formats. I have 3D modeling experience. I can do textures and retextures. I am versed with web design. I have experience with almost all Adobe products. I am certified in four Microsoft Office Products; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access 2013. I am a certified IT technician, and an experienced programmer. 

About Me:
I am voice actor on my free time because I've been told I have a good voice. I animate 2D and 3D films, as well as develop video games. I'm an AP US History and Computer Science student at Cheney High School. I've been told that I am extremely nice, as well.


  • Can you take basic direction?  If it's explained well enough, yes.  
  • Do you have a functioning microphone and knowledge using audio software?  Yes I do. CAD U37 with Audacity. 
  • Can you commit to finishing a project?   Of course.
  • Can you handle more than one character for the same project?  Yes I can handle more than one character.
  • Are your characters more comedic, dramatic, or can you handle both styles?  I can handle both. I prefer comedic in fact.
  • If a line does not meet the standards of the director, are you willing to do retakes?  Of course. It's their work and I don't want to destroy their rep with terrible VA work.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is very versatile, how versatile is your voice acting?  Now somewhere around 7.
  • What, if any, language accents can you imitate?  Haven't really tried any accents recently. I can attempt an accent if requested.

Voice Samples:
I used SoundCloud to upload the voice samples I have. I will be uploading some new samples soon. 

Side Note:

You can email me at at any time as well.

You can contact me on twitter at anytime which is a much better way to get a hold of me, as I have mobile alerts on and ALWAYS have my phone with me. I recommend DMing me.


Edited by MitchLawrenceVA
Updated sample and experience.

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Updated 05/30/2015. Bumped to make sure people know I am active. Thanks!


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Updated 08/28/16, updated twitter link, experience, and audio sample. Bumped to confirm activity. 


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