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hey tesa~

i'm applying to three programs for september
just to increase chances of getting accepted.

what i need is a few pointers about making digital landscapes.

i won't have access to a drawing tablet until after i get accepted. :/

for fun here's the master list:
3 digital landscape paintings
4 digital art pieces [char_concept/3d_model/video_edit/photos/graphic]

1 interior perspective drawing

1 shaded hand drawing

2 more [landscape/life_drawing/sculpture/sketchbook]


5 full body figure drawings

2 hand drawings

1 portrait drawing

1 still life

1 room drawing

1 digital image [paint/draw/retouch]

1 page oc designs, facial expressions, full body poses

3 more [3d/sculpture/animation/painting/life_drawing/char-environ_designs/sketchbook]


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