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Can you point me in the right direction?

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Hello everyone,

I've been playing Skyrim and Oblivion before that for years now. I used mods but I have never tried moding myself.

There are a lot of nice armour and weapon mods around that add items to forges or chests or something like that. If I wanted to make that a specific faction (Thalmors, Vigilants of Stendar...) to use a specific weapon or armour set, how do I do it? Is there an article here (I couldn't find it) about that?


Thank you.

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Factions have much less utility than I think we would all like. They are essentially good for creating groups of associated people and determining how groups interact.

No expert here, but I figure any response is better than none, so... If I were doing it, I'd go to the faction I want to do this with, say the Vigilants, and see what the members are. Likely, it will be a list of generic NPCs the game calls on when it needs to. Then you'd need to go into each of those NPC actors and change their default equipment under the inventory tab.

If I knew more about what you were trying to do, I might have some shortcut you could use. But as I said, Factions are not a great resource for modders.

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Hey, great question you have.  Factions can be very useful.  That being said, they are hard to understand until you study them.

I am attempting to make multiple followers using vanilla.  In the process, I am learning.  If I find any thing that helps you,

I will post it for you.

In the mean time, think of your armor only being donned via a boolean expression.

For instance,

; Checks to see if this actor is a member of the specified faction
bool Function IsInFaction(Faction akFaction) native

I haven't gotten into making armour or checking how the NPC's use the armour.  I am guessing 
you will have to find someone who knows armour and script writing.  I am guessing; that it is 
possible, because certain armour can't be utilized by another, if the skeleton.nif for that 
type is too different.
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