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Adding content to an existing Mod

I'm trying to add some content to my Forgotten Island mod, and am running into some difficulties. I am trying to add a quest that starts after all others have been completed. All that works fine but what I'm attempting to do is add some more buildings and NPCs to the existing landscape,so it appears that the island has been repopulated after the threat in the first quest has been eliminated. I have placed some buildings and a few other objects into the landscape that are enabled via a quest script using "X" markers as the Enable Parent. While testing I set the correct stage of the quest through the console and the items that have been placed appear as designed. If I set the stage while in Tamriel then coc to the island all the objects appear also. My issue is that when I enter an interior cell on the island such as a cave, when I exit the cave back to the island, all the LOD for the objects disappears.

I have regenerated the LOD with the changes and once the new objects are in place the LOD works fine from anywhere on the island, it is only when I exit an interior cell a distance away from the new "village" that the LOD does not work. I even tried checking some of the farmhouses as "never fades" in the CK and they still disappear.

I'm at a loss. I don't understand why the LOD does not load correctly. I have only placed a few things onto the island for testing before going through completely and wasting my time with something that will not work. I have generated LOD for several small worldspaces for myself and also a few other mod authors without issues, so I don't believe the issue is with the LODs themselves.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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