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[SKY] Triggerbox Scene Start

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So, I'm doing this basic thing in my mod where this Bandit surrenders and offers info. I'm using a scene for this. What I want it to do is that when the player walks into a trigger box it starts the scene.


Event OnTriggerEnter(ObjectReference akTriggerRef)
		if akTriggerRef == Game.GetPlayer()
		debug.messagebox("It works")


Only the scene doesn't start. I get the debug message, so I know the trigger fires. But the bandit doesn't move, he doesn't begin dialogue or obey his AI package. I know scenes can be started via events, but I don't know if they can be started by trigger events. Is that not possible? It seemed like the easiest way so that I had control over when and where the scene starts. Oh and the scene has no conditions on starting.

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Maybe it would be better to use a SetStage trigger and use that stage to start the scene.

Yeah... I thought  my way would work. Ah well.... :/ Thanks

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