Req, Sky Single Drawer containers?

You know cabnet drawers? I would love to have objects with just single ones.

So far I've been trying to mimic this by stuffing the half I don't want into something else, but that just isn't always doable.

I would love for someone to create single drawer containers.


Like that pretty much. (gogo photoshop skills)

Or something like

only.. have it just the single drawer, that could be stacked and have everything it's own container, but also have it in the diff styles, and have moving drawers.. (kinda what I was hooing that mod was but it's just one solid static :( )


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Don't tell Rider but I made a little stackable drawer :ninja: . O wait, Rider will probably read this. :lmao: So he can read that I don't have enough time to figure out how to animate the drawer, but that variations are forthcoming. :woot:


Meanwhile, can you find the textures that the vanilla drawers use and let me know their exact names in the .bsa? Again, no time to search...must destroy meshes for our game's LODs :)


I think I'm smiley crazy!

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