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[SKY] Fix for draugr standing outside their sarcophagus

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All right, I don't know where to post this so I'm putting it here since I've already found a fix. It's also something I've seen mentioned here and there and I don't know if fixes had been found then.

In my Pale Pass mod,  I've put draugr with "CreatureAlcoveMarkers" inside vertical sarcophagus and one laying in a sarcophagus with a "DragonPriestCoffinMarker". When I load a save made before installing the mod, the draugr stand at their markers, outside the sarcophagus. (The lids "explode" normally when the player crosses the trigger.) I know I've made things properly since this problem doesn't occur when I load a save made after installing the mod.


I asked for help on another forum but never got any answer, so, I had to devise a fix for myself. What I did and should do for you too:

1) put an xmarker anywhere in the vicinity and name it "DraugrAmbushEnablerRef" (for example),

2) select all the draugr and their "CreatureAlcoveMarker" or "DragonPriestCoffinMarker", press - in order to bring up the Reference Batch Action window, select "Set Initially Disabled" in the list and click on "Do".

3) Still in the Reference Batch Window, select "Set Enable Parent" and check "opposite"; then select the xmarker in the "Target reference" below the list and click on "Do":


4) create a quest (uncheck "start game enabled"); in this quest, create a stage and give it any number other than 0 (confusing since 0 is the default stage for any quest that hasn't started yet). Save the quest.

5) open the quest, select the stage you created and create a log entry on the right. Select the log entry and in the Papyrus fragment box, enter something like

;enabling stuff

Dont forget the ";". Doing this will create the script that will be attached to the quest. Save the quest.

6) Open the quest, go to the fragment you just created and click on "properties". In the "Properties window for script xxx" window, click on "add property" (bottom left). In the drop down menu, select "Object Reference" and give your property the name you gave to the xmarker (PPWDraugrAmbushEnablerRef here). (Doing this will allow the ck to automatically fill the property. ;) ) Save.

7) in the fragment, under ";enabling stuff", write the name you gave to both your property and xmarker followed by ".disable()", in my case:


 compile. Save the quest.

8) Since the quest hasn't been enabled at start, we need to have it start. To do that, go to the entrance of the place where the draugr, sarcophagus, markers etc. are installed and select something there. In my case I selected the first "CaveGLHall1Way01". In the menu bar, the one with the icons, press the "create trigger" icon; it's a cube with a T inside. A window will open; in the filter box enter "defaultsetstage*leave" and select the only result that should show:


Now you have a cute reddish box surrounding the object you selected:


9) Make sure the trigger is wide enough so that the player cannot do else but crossing it; use the handles of the gizmo for that; then press the numkey 2 to remove the gizmo and double click on the trigger. In the reference window, go to the tab "Scripts", select the script and click on "properties". You'll see a list of already existing properties.

10) Select "MyQuest" and on the right, select the id of your quest in the drop down menu.

11) Select "StageToSet" and on the right, enter the number of the stage to which you added the fragment enabling the draugr and their markers.

12) Save, save and save. Now you can go and take an aspirin! :P

So, what will happen in game is that, when the player will go through the trigger in your cell, everything that was initially disabled will be enabled, fixing this silly problem I had with old saves.

I hope this is clear enough. Tell me if it isn't. :D


(Dark Rider, what happened to the "preview" button?)

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