[sKY] Question on making Wepon Rack/Plaques/Mannequins/Bookshelves

So making armor racks, plaques. and mannequins, and even bookshelves has become a bane. For starts most tutorials I find on YouTube are 20+ minutes long, and consist of mostly nonsense babble and chatter. Makes me want to smack them upside the head to get to the point as it can't take that long to make a freaking weapon stand. Yes I learned how to make my first weapon rack by sitting through an agonizing 26 minute long tutorial when all they had to show was place rack, place trigger, link both together, add keyword to both, done.

So here is my issue. I still haven't found how to make mannequins work, nor bookshelvs, I followed a few tutorials but so far they all led to nothing working, so I assume there skipping over a vital step. So I'd like to ask if someone could make a quick, simple and most importantly to the point tutorial on making such, and for good measure, on making the rest of the thing's on the list as well for easy reading and referencing without watching 20+ minute videos to locate a tidbit one may have forgotten. (like forgetting you need a keyword added then not recalling what keyword it was)

That asked, I do also have a question on these things. If I make for example a weapon rack, have it linked right and tested to work in game. Can I just copy and duplicate the rack+trigger to make more, or do I have to manually link every single one I intend to make? (Same goes for everything else)

Plus, how do I set something to already be in the rack, armor on a mannequin, or books on a shelf. Not found a single tutorial showing that.

Any help would be most welcome.



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The only way I know is finding working ones in a cell and copying all their components... After that, study closely how they  are made in that cell, take a look at all the tabs of all the references. These things are complicated to make.

One day, I'll have to really give them a go and make tutorials, once I've understood them all! :)


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HOWTO: Create A Mannequin


At this time, this tutorial was written because was not around or so new; that a tutorial was necessary. You can get the same information from

This tutorial is written in a step by step configuration to smooth over questions that new designers would have.


1. Get the items necessary to make the mannequin. Three items are required.

A. Drop PlayerHouseManequin to your cell

    Object Window: Searchfilter: mannequin

    Click on *ALL

    Locate PlayerHouseMannequin and drop it into your cell.

B. Create the red Activate trigger box.


  1. Click on your mannequin that you placed inside your cell.

  2. Click on the square with 'T' inside it. It is located on the icon bar with load, save, properties, etc.

  3. You will search using 'mannequin', choose mannequinactivatetrig and press ok.

  4. Click on the Mannequin and the red box will appear on top of it.

  5. Move the trigger to the side so it does not rest in the same spot as the mannequin.


C. Create the Xmarker for the mannequin.


  1. Object window: Search xmarker then click on *ALL

  2. Drag xmarkerheading to your cell.

  3. Make the triangle 'nose' on the xmarker face same way as mannequin


What it looks like exhibit A




2. Make the mannequin usable.

You now have three pieces. Put all three pieces side by side so you can edit them.

A. Setup the MANNEQUIN.


1. Link Ref the Mannequin

  1. Double click the mannequin to edit its properties.

  2. Click on Link Ref tab.

  3. Double click the white 'empty' field or right click and select 'new'.

  4. Click on 'Select Reference in Render Window' button.

  5. Double click on the red xmarker.

  6. Choose 'OK'


2. Activate the Mannequin


  1. Verify the properties editor box is still open.

  2. Click on 'Activate Parents' tab.

  3. Double click on the empty white space to open a choice menu.

  4. Click on 'Select Reference in Render Window'.

  5. Double click on the red 'activate trigger box' you created in step 1B.

  6. Click 'OK'.

  7. Check the box 'Parent Activate Only'.

  8. Close the edit window.


B. Setup the xmarker.


1. Link Ref the xmarker.

  1. Double click the xmarker to open the properties edit window.

  2. Click on 'Select Reference in Render Window'

  3. Double click on the PlayerHouseMannequin.

  4. Click on 'OK'.

  5. Click on 'OK' again to close the properties edit window.


C. Setup the red activate trigger box.


1. Activate the trigger box.

  1. Double click on the red trigger box to open the edit properties window.

  2. Click on 'Primitive' tab and check the box marked 'player activation'.

  3. Click on 'OK' to close the properties edit window.


3. Tidy up.


Place the red trigger box in the same place the mannequin is.

Place the xmarker in the same place the mannequin is.

Verify the xmarker 'nose cone' is facing the same direction as the face of the mannequin.

Please refer to exhibit b.

What it looks like Exhibit B



4. Test in the game.

Known Issues


  • If the Mannequin seems to be alive and freeze in a strange pose after you leave the inventory, just leave the room (cell) and come back. <------- *Temporary fix*

  • For an unknown reason, the mannequins don't work properly when facing "North" of the cell. Rotating the mannequin to another direction seems to fix the issue.

  • It was mentioned previously that the Mannequins will face the direction of the XMarker irrespective of the direction of the Trigger or the Mannequin. Using version 1.9.32 of the CK this result did not happen in game. Instead when rotating the Mannequin and the Trigger 90 degrees from 0, that is they way they faced even though the XMarker was only rotated 1 degree from 0.

  • Lastly, it seems you need to have the navmesh run under your mannequins to ensure they stay in place. Placing your mannequins in this manner will prevent the mannequins from moving around your created space but you may still notice some minor changes in poses. (Unconfirmed)

  • It is also helpful to snap the MannequinActivateTrig to the PlayerHouseMannequin then snap the XMarkerHeading to the MannequinActivateTrig. (Unconfirmed)

  • After placing/adding a PlayerHouseMannequin, MannequinActivateTrig, and XMarkerHeading to the space you can't activate it in game. With version 1.9.32 of the CK it was possible to fix this issue. If your manequin would normally be rotated 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees, try rotating the XMarkerHeading 1 degree greater then the original rotation. Then have the PlayerHouseMannequin and the MannequinActivateTrig rotated 1 degree less then then the original rotation. Then go to the MannequinActivateTrig -> Primitive tab and, set the Bounds to (X) 67, (Y) 42, (Z) 141.


Thanks to:

*, 13Oranges, DarkFox, WillieSea

Tutorial is mine, but I double checked my material with theirs.

Edited by Ashenfire
Extra thanks for known issues.

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You can also see WillieSea's tutorial.  It will include how to make already show on the mannequin when entering a room.

Edited by Ashenfire

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How To Create A Three Piece Weapon Rack From Scratch

1.Drag the weapon racks to your cell.



A. Find the pieces

Change to the cell view INTERIORS

Search weaponrackcoa

You will find these results:

 Weaponrackcoaleftplayerhouse, weaponrackcoarightplayerhouse, weaponrackcoamidplayerhouse

B. Drag the three items to your cell.


2. Drag the weapon rack activators to your cell.



A. Find the activators.

Change to the cell view INTERIORS

Search: WeaponRackCOA

You will find these results:


B. Drag the three activators to your cell


3. Link them with the following:



If you don't want to drag and drop a weapon rack from a warehouse that is already included in the skyrim warehouses (seen in the creation kit),

then you will need to copy the weapon rack and the Activator. They will activate via script already attached to the wall plaques.

pressing 'M' will toggle the markers for the activator (white).


1. WeaponRackCOALeftActivatorPlayerhouse is LINKED REF to WeaponRackCOALeftPlayerHouse keyword wRackTrigger

2. WeaponRackCoaRightActivatorPlayerhouse is link ref to WeaponRackCOARightPlayerhouse keyword wRackTrigger

3. WeaponRackCOAMidActivatorPlayerHouse is link ref to WeaponRackCOAMidPlayerhouse keyword wRackTrigger

4. WeaponRackCoaleftPlayerhouse is link ref to WeaponRackCOALeftActivatorPlayerhouse keyword WrackActivator

5. WeaponRackCOArightPlayerhouse is link ref to WeaponRackCOARightActivatorPlayerhouse keyword WrackActivator

6. WeaponRackCOAmidPlayerhouse is link ref to WeaponRackCOAMidActivatorPlayerhouse keyword WRackActivator


4. Tidy up.



Place the 3 white activators flush with the plaque. The white activators represent how far from the plaque, the weapon or shield will be.

If you place them inside the plaque (weaponrackcoaleftplayerhouse, weaponrackcoarightplayerhouse, weaponrackcoamid); then the player will not be able to activate the weapon rack. Put the white activator too far from the plaque, and it looks like the weapon is floating, which breaks the immersion.


5. Test in game.







Edited by Ashenfire

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How To Decorate Your Newly Crafted Weapon Rack With Already Mounted Weapons


After you have made your weapon rack. You might want to decorate the rack without the items falling off the rack.

This is done for modders who want the player to get a good feel of the room being 'decorated' or used.

1. Locate The Sword To Place On The Weapon Rack

Run your creation kit command.

Load your mod.


Click on *ALL

Type ' IRON SWORD ' with out the quotes.

In th 'Editor ID' on the right, find ' IRON SWORD'.

Drag the iron sword into the cell where the weapon plaque is located.

2. Link Ref The Activator To The Weapon.

  1. If you do not see your white activator hovering over the weapon plaque, then

  2. press 'M' to show hidden markers.

  3. You should now see the white activator that is in the same shape as the plaque.

  4. There are three. Left, Right, Middle.

    Double click on the left activator (WeaponRackCOALeftACTIVATORPlayerHouse)

    to open the reference window. It will have tabs like '3d data' , ' ownership'; etc.

  5. Click on the 'Linked Ref' tab.

  6. You will notice that the trigger is already linked. You will ADD a link by

    right clicking on the white space and click on 'NEW'.

  7. Click on 'Select Reference In Render Window' button.

  8. Choose the 'IRON SWORD' that you dragged from step 1.

3. Test your cell

  1. Load your game and use the coc command inside the console


  2. COC warehousecontainersash

    You will replace warehousecontainersash with the name of YOUR cell.

  3. Is the sword attached to the left side of the plaque?

  4. Can you get the sword from the plaque as it was meant to be in the game?

4. Credits

Allannaa and followers on Nexus forum "Tutorials without 'youtube'"

Edited by Ashenfire

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Ash, can I hug you?

One extra question. I've noticed in a few cells they have 'dummy' markers placed on some thing's.. like DummyBook. I noticed them when I stumbled onto the wearhouse cells. There's also ones for bottles and weapons. How are these used? Are they used like this?




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I take it, you got your weapon racks and other questions answered/working?

Yes, dummy markers are how you add an actual book to a shelf.  I just got my computer out of I.C.U.  I will find out how I got them to do it. 

I was guessing it is just a link ref.  I have done it; but I forget how I do things as soon as I figure it out. 

This is why I have tons of notes!

If you read my 'HowTo' on making a potion rack, you will notice I took a book shelf that handled books and replaced the dummy

book markers with dummy potions.  I had to change the script to accept potions.  The "HowTo" is broken since this site changed,

so I am working on fixing that now.


Hugs are always welcome!

:puppy: I'm off to update the potion rack 'HowTo' and fire up the CK.

Edited by Ashenfire

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Ash, can I hug you?

One extra question. I've noticed in a few cells they have 'dummy' markers placed on some thing's.. like DummyBook. I noticed them when I stumbled onto the wearhouse cells. There's also ones for bottles and weapons. How are these used? Are they used like this?

Yes they are, but you must open the reference window for each dummy book, then go to the "levelled" tab (can't remember it's actual name, sorry). There you must add a levelled list of books of your choice. You can make new lists of course. :) The best way is adding one dummy book first, choose a list for it, and then duplicate it. It will spare you some time. ;)


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Ahhh.. so there to spawn a random book in that place vs just grabbing one manually and placing it. I getya. 

I should go that path vs trying to sort out what books to place manually XD

So one last thing I think... bookshelf containers... how do I set it so books are already inside one? Do I link ref to the container or do I need the book floating there like I would with weps?


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What you can try is opening one of the dummy books that are inside the container and add a levelled list you'll make yourself containing the book you want to put there.


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Do what Lady.O.T.M was saying.

You can also visit:

1. Drop 'dummybook' into your cell.  *Search* 'ALL' and type 'dummybook'

2. Drop it into your cell.

3. Double click on the orange dummy book and click on the 'Leveled Item Tab'

 You can choose a specific item like a recipe for a certain level.

 You can choose a random book

  Example:   LItemBookclutter

4. Make sure your testing character is of the level that was chosen for the dummy book.


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