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[SKY] Evaluate Package

Back with another question.

I know to use EP but I'm fuzzy on what exactly it does. This description from the wiki is hilariously uninformative:

EvaluatePackage or "evp" forces the actor to reevaluate its package list.

EvaluatePackage causes an actor to evaluate his package? It's all so clear now...

Anyway, I know that when you use this when using ForceRefTo it magically tells Skyrim to use the new Alias' AI packages. Or something. I'm sure more experienced people can explain it better.

My problem here is how does one use this function when you are not putting an actor in the alias via a script?

You see, I have aliases that are getting filled using the "Get matching" in loaded area. So the quest itself puts them in the alias. I suspect (but I'm not sure) that this is causing conflicts between AI packages and animations. So I would like to use EP.

Can I add a little Pap fragment to the alias I am filling that says, "Evaluate Package" that will, when the alias is filled, make the actor in the package evaluate their AI package? I am not real clear on the use of pap fragments in aliases--and by now everyone knows aliases hate me.

Or is there a better way?


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