I need two voice actors

Hello there. I need two voices for a mod to play a guard and an evil mage named Zephyr. The guard will be a nerd and the Mage will be a high elf

The Elder Scrolls V

Guard:You're the dragonborn, right?
Guard:A redguard asked me to send you south to meet him near the border.
Guard:You coward. Betraying your friends for her. 
Zephyr:Welcome, Dragonborn. I've heard a lot about you. Which is why I'll give you a choice. Join me or I'll kill you.
Zephyr:(If player accepts) Good. Now kill these....outcasts.
Zephyr:(If player declines)You fool. (Fights the player and the team)
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Posted in December and nobody helped yet? Do you still need help? I can voice a guard, sure. How many lines and what accent?

I'm a fella, btw.


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