Unfortunately Unity requires coding for its game projects. I prefer learning C# above the other programming languages available for Unity.

In the beginning you will feel daunted by all of it, but my advice to you is: "Practice, practice, use, read, copy and practice some more!" As a music teacher my motto to my students are always:"Practice makes perfect." The same with coding.

So where do I start? Here:

1. Brian Moakley is a team member at RayWenderlich.com, who created this series of C# tutorial videos. Totally free with assignments to check your progress. I would give this series a 5 star.


2. Charger Games has a whole series about learning C# with Unity. I haven't tried them out yet, but what I have seen, it looks good.


3. These written tutorials teach you about C# scripting for Unity. The tutorials build on one another, introducing new programming concepts, math, algorithms, and Unity features. They will be useful to you, whether you're brand new to scripting or an experienced developer.


4. Jonathan Weinberger: His tutorials are divided into Fundamentals(Beginner), Intermediate and Advanced. Many people have recommended his series.


5. These two game developers are excellent tutors, they teach C# while you are creating a game together. Check them out.




Then, if you purely want to study C#, this is a very good site: Learn C# by building a simple RPG - Scott Lilly. You use Visual Studio to create a simple text RPG in C#. The lessons are short and informative. The author replies and helps with problems and anything you don't understand.



I hope these guidelines helped.





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I'm sorry to say that but it would be best that you learn C# for Unity by taking the course the developers of the engine are offering. They are free and their community is very active:

You'll learn a lot too by reading and asking questions on their forums: https://forum.unity3d.com/forums/scripting.12/


3 hours ago, rona said:

Unfortunately Unity requires coding for its game projects. ...

So does any other game engine. The "blueprints visual scripting" Unreal engine offers is useless if you don't know how to code. Having practised both, I feel that writing code directly is easier and a lot clearer. ;)

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