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after having a lot of trouble with enb installation and uninstalaltion crap, i got things working again... UNTIL i closed the game and added a couple mods(companion) and tried to run the game and as i loaded it said that none of the mods were selected. that was not true because they were. now i did look and see what Mod Organizer directories were and when i selected "mods" it took me to the downloads folder. i thought thats whats wrong and selected the mod folder and thought "fixed". NO, same issue because mod organizer did not save the changes. i tried to look into a more manual way into changing the directory to no luck. i tried googling and didnt find an actual fix besides what i already did... anyone got an idea?

***fixed - dwcools redguard companion mod was individual mods merged into one and that was what the problem was with my directory. it worked as soon as i disabled it strangely enough...

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