Roleplayer's Off Topic Thread #32

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  1. 1. Congratulations! After years of training, you are finally skilled enough to find work in the Studios. Now that you're here, how will you make a name for yourself?

    • The Actor- You have some serious talent for the stage. Whether it's with your tears, your winning smile, or your brilliant line-delivery, you know how to sell a role.
    • The Stunt Double- You don't care about being seen or recognized. It's all about the action for you! There is no hit too hard, no fall too far, and no dose of med-x that can't make the pain go away!
    • The Porn Star- So what if you're not the best at acting? That's not what people watch you for. If only your mother could see you now!
    • The Director- You are not a performer. You are a creator! A story-teller! Your face will be forgotten, but your works will endure.
  2. 2. Congratulations! As an Officer of the Brotherhood of Steel, it is your job to defuse a situation between the factions down in Rockhills. How do you do this? (Read first post for context)

    • Intimidate the Mashas to back down before they can wipe out these runaways calling themselves "Artistes".
    • Intimidate the Artistes into giving the Mashas most of the supplies that they took when they left.
    • Force the two sides to negotiate for a somewhat equal compromise. Neither will be pleased, but neither will be the obvious loser either.
    • Offer Brotherhood supplies from elsewhere. This will please both groups, but your superiors will no doubt be displeased.

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5 hours ago, ColonelKillaBee said:

New pc coming tomorrow, it cost me my soul, plus 1,400 dollars but it was worth it. It's ******* sweeeeet.

I wish I had the money to upgrade my brick of a pc, even though your upgrade wasn't exactly your choice. lol. Your original one was ballin though.

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Oh yeah. Lizardmen are coming to Total War Warhammer

Which means the OG argonains, with DINOSAURS are coming. ****, closest thing to prehistoric Total War i'm going to get. I would probaly buy the game just for the dinos.






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