[SKY] When your kit makes new instances of your mod instead of updating to the next version


Update your mod and not create a new instance of your mod.

If you are like me, you might have not noticed that after awhile, you could no longer drag your mod file over to your

editing lab, make a change, then update it in the creation kit.  Instead, your creation kit would create a new instance

of your file, regardless if the file name and the title of your mod page were identical.   This means you will

have zero followers, no likes and you would have to re upload images, video, etc.


As of 2017, (yes I figure this happened sooner), you will notice 4 files created, not three, when you create your mod for the first time.

When you publish your mod the first time, it generates a download link that identifies what version you created.

Earlier,     .bsl, .bsa, .esp files were all you dealt with. have another file with extension of   .pub.

If you format your drive, or delete files that are zipped so you can keep track of your work, you will no longer have access to your

'ease of use' update between the creation kit and the steam community mod page.

Easy steps to fix your creation kit link to update a mod

No worries though!

The summary of the link is

1.  Find the steam community file id page.  It will have a 5 or 6 digit number at the end of the link.

2. Convert that number in reverse bit order (in hex).

3.  Make a new text file that has the same name as your original mod with extension   of .pub

4. Use a hex editor (easy since your will have no content), and enter your converted number with trailing zeroes.

It actually works.


I would make a tutorial but tutorials are not working.


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