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Looking for a guide to create a static object?

Ok, Ok, I actually have 2 questions.  I'll ask the hard one first.

coc heading maker,  I created a new home interior and added the heading marker so I can test and check things out.  When I load into the main menu and try to go to my marker I just get some values being displayed in the console and I go no where.  Is there something I missed?  I should point out that this interior is not linked to an exterior or any place in skyrim yet that is in the next question.

As I have created this new interior from scratch and did not follow any form of an existing building in skyrim, I can''t find a good match for an exterior so I would like to create my own.  I'm seem to have hit a wall in terms of guides and tutorials on how to do this.  Could someone give me a map marker of where this is possible?


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