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About Tavern Tales: Morrowind

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About Tavern Tales: Morrowind

Information, Rules, and Guidelines for the Morrowind Edition of TESA's Long Running RP Writing Game, Tavern Tales

What are the Tavern Tales Morrowind?

The Tavern Tales started as a jovial introduction thread by TESA Team member Grond, but over time, evolved into a full RP Writing Game. Tavern Tales Morrowind, is the latest incarnation of that series. It is an evolving adventure story centered around a mysterious inn/tavern situated in the wilds of Solstheim/Vvardenfel in an unmapped location. The characters are driven by the members who participate, each person assuming their own character/s and writing their portion of the continuing tales in turn.

Who can participate?

Anyone is welcome to create a character for the Tavern Tales: Morrowind and begin telling their part of the story. Even beginners are welcome to join in the fun!! You may maneuver other characters in your telling, but your character MUST be included. Do not simply maneuver characters that are already in play. You must use your head to add yourself to the happenings!

What is my character?

Anything you like as long as it can be feasibly added to the world of the Elder Scrolls. Please no space men, time travelers from the modern world, anime caricatures, grandiose godmode beings, etc. No talking animals real or magical, as main characters, the exception is humanimals like Argonians. [*See Rule #10 for more on child characters...] Your character may have a small animal companion and a steed, but please avoid unusual pets and mounts that would not likely fit in the Tavern setting (ie no Clannfear pets, or Mammoth mounts, etc)

How many characters can I play as?

Experienced Tavern players may have multiple characters in play, however, you must be able to manage and maneuver them all efficiently otherwise you will have characters taking up dead weight in the Tales, and that we can't allow. The maximum feasible for most players will be around 3 characters, and typically not all in play at once. It's often better to retire a character if you tire of them by writing them out of the story altogether before starting someone new. If you are new to the Tales, it's easiest to begin with one character until you are comfortable with the game. :D

How do I add my passage?

Passages are added as replies to the ongoing pinned story thread. Be sure that you are adding something to the story as it is playing out, don't post a passage simply to make your presence known!

What are the rules?

The rules are simple and you can find them here: CLICKY

----Useful Tavern Information----

  • Tavern Tales Morrowind takes place several decades after the Red Mountain disaster, post Alduin in Skyrim, after the main land in Vvardenfel has recovered significantly from the destruction.
  • The Tavern is located north of Raven Rock in Solstheim AND on a small pitch of land off the swampy Bitter Coast in Vvardenfel. There are two doors within the Tavern's main hall, each one leading to a different exterior.
  • There are additional stable hands and maids and various other folks who care for the tavern, its grounds, peoples and horses but they have no name and don't need them really. They're just there, like background noise
  • The Tavern is a magical place that is always well stocked, well staffed, and can house as many people as needed. It does not appear on any map and the road leading to it is often only found by those who need it.
  • Besides the Tavern itself there is a stable and training yard out back, river flowing nearby, gardens, and a few small out buildings for storage and housing staff.

If you have questions regarding the Tavern Tales: Morrowind, please post them in the current Tavern Tales Morrowind OOC Thread or PM them to a staff member!

Happy Role Playing!

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