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HowTo: Editing an uploaded image


Editing something we've uploaded.

HowTo: Editing an uploaded image



There are times when we'll upload an image to our Gallery Album and realise we're missing a description of we've gave it a title that doesn't make much sense. The first fix that comes to mind is to delete the image and o then re-upload it so we can fix our mistakes, but there is an easier way to fix it and that is by using the Image Moderation options available to us.

Editing our Image:

To fix this we first need to go into our Gallery Album and find the image we want to fix, click the image to view it.


If you look below your image you'll notice there is a little tool bar for adding notes, rotating and reporting the image.What we want is the Image Moderation button.


Click the button and you'll notice a drop down menu opens up, the option we're wanting is Edit Image, so click it.


After clicking the button we'll be taken to a new screen where we can edit all the details for our image, we can also upload a new image to replace our current one if we want to, good for when we've updated our image but don't want to add a new one to our gallery.

Once we're done editing our image all we do is click the Edit Image button at the bottom of the screen to save it. We'll be taken back to our image in our Gallery with our changes saved.



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Thanks for this "How To" first I figured that button was to contact a moderator in regards to the image. I finally figured it though.


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