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HowTo: Submit a bug report


Reporting those pesky bugs!

HowTo: Submit a bug report


Sometimes while browsing the site or using one of the many features you'll find yourself encountering a bug of two, this is a natural part of using software but it is annoying. The best thing we can do is to take a step back from what we were doing and report the bug by using the Tracker

The Tracker makes submitting bug reports or even suggestions really easy and you can also track your report to make sure you see the feedback given by Staff members. With the Tracker you can also see if someone else is having the same issues as you and can jump in and add your own feedback to the report.

Reporting those pesky bugs:

First thing we need to do is go to the Tracker page, to do scroll to the top of the forum, doesn't matter which page you're on when you do this, you'll see a Tracker option on the toolbar at the top.


After clicking the button we're taken to the main Tracker page. This page shows all the current sections we have for bug reports, currently we have sections for Skyrim Projects, Oblivion Projects, Morrowind Projects and Fallout Projects.

The one we're interested in though is the TES Alliance Support section. This is where all the bug reports and suggestions for the site are posted and kept, makes it easy for the Staff to see what needs fixing :D . Click the TES Alliance Support section so we can be taken to it's page.


As you can see we have a few reports here already and if you look below the title of the reports you'll see the the status for that report. Anyway let's add our own report shall we?, to do so we need to click the Start New Issue button.


You'll notice this is just like making a New Topic, we have the Title, Description, Tags (If wanted) and the option to attach a file, which is good option to use if you have taken a screenshot of the issue you're having. Along with those basic options we have the report tool bar over on the right.


The only settings that interest us are the Issue Type and Severity options. The Issue Type option tells Staff if this report is a bug or just a suggestion, makes it easier to work out what needs fixed and what needs discussed. The other tells Staff how bad the bug is.

After we've written our report we click the Post New Issue button down at the bottom, our issue we then be added to the Tracker.


And that's it, easy isn't it? :dance:

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