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Disable xmarker and items via dialogue


When your created npc / actor is talking to a player in the game, you sometimes need to make items disappear after a stage has been reached in the quest.
1. Add this to one of the dialogue begin, end fragment boxes.

[color=#008000] decoratemarker.disable()[/color] (when you click somewhere else, it will CREATE a script)

2. Drag an Xmarker to the outside part of your cell.
Do not modify.

3. Double Click on an item or NPC that you created and click on: [color=#008080]Enable parent [/color]tab
Select reference in window to the xmarker you just dropped.
You will not modify anything here either.

4. Inside the dialogue script that got created when you added '[color=#006400]decoratemarker.disable()[/color]' ,

Verify your fragment has ;Begincode and ;endcode with the command you created in between them

example: *notice it might have different fragment ID's but thats okay.

Function Fragment_0(ObjectReference akSpeakerRef)
Actor akSpeaker = akSpeakerRef as Actor


;END FRAGMENT CODE - Do not edit anything between this and the begin comment

ObjectReference Property DecorateMarker Auto

Compile with no errors and save.
Click on Properties button of the _tif script and assign the DecorateMarker to the xmarker you dropped into the cell.

Save your ESP file.

5. Test it in the game.