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Disable xmarker and items via dialogue


When your created npc / actor is talking to a player in the game, you sometimes need to make items disappear after a stage has been reached in the quest.

1. Add this to one of the dialogue begin, end fragment boxes.


decoratemarker.disable() (when you click somewhere else, it will CREATE a script)


2. Drag an Xmarker to the outside part of your cell.

Do not modify.


3. Double Click on an item or NPC that you created and click on: Enable parent tab

Select reference in window to the xmarker you just dropped.

You will not modify anything here either.



4. Inside the dialogue script that got created when you added 'decoratemarker.disable()' ,


Verify your fragment has ;Begincode and ;endcode with the command you created in between them



example: *notice it might have different fragment ID's but thats okay.




Function Fragment_0(ObjectReference akSpeakerRef)

Actor akSpeaker = akSpeakerRef as Actor








;END FRAGMENT CODE - Do not edit anything between this and the begin comment


ObjectReference Property DecorateMarker Auto




Compile with no errors and save.

Click on Properties button of the _tif script and assign the DecorateMarker to the xmarker you dropped into the cell.


Save your ESP file.


5. Test it in the game.



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