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Custom Worldspace Map


How to add a custom map to your custom worldspace


Custom Worldspace Map

By Lady Nerevar (06/29/11)

Before you can start making a map, you need to have a mostly finished worldspace. Since we'll be using CS data to draw the map, big features - like the coast line, rivers, or regions - should already be in place.

You'll need an image editor of your choice to make a map. I use Photoshop, but GIMP, PaintshopPro, or even MSPaint work as well.

Step 1. Change the name of your menus folder (data/textures/menus/) to Menus, with a capital M.

Step 2. Generate LOD textures for your worldspace using this tutorial. Flip the generated textures vertically so that they are identical to your worldspace.

If you run into the blackscreen bug, you can assemble the other half of the texture by hand using the individual cell files. They are found in Data\Textures\landscapelod\generated\Partial


That's one of my LOD textures. I kept purple water on so that I could identify coastlines easier.

Step 3. Assemble all the LOD textures into one map.



Step 4. Make it pretty. I started by tracing the contours of my landmass.



After a little photoshop-ing, my map looks like this:


Step 5. Save the map in Data/textures/Menus/map/world. Use DTX1 compression, and don't generate mip maps.

Step 6. Open your plugin in the CS, go to World>World Spaces, and find your worldspace.

Click the Add Map Image button and load in your map.

Set the usable dimensions of your map. Since we're using all the space, enter the same dimensions as the size of your image.

Enter the coordinates for your worldspace. Each quad is 32 cells (starting at 0,0), so you can easily determine the coordinates covered by your map depending on how many quads of LOD you had to generate.


The values in the image are correct for a 4 quad worldspace.

Step 7. Save, load, and enjoy!




Thanks Lady..... This will come in handy when I get my world space up and running. :clap:


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This is definitely useful for when I'm nearing the final stages. The fun I'll get to have will be priceless. Thank you!


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