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  2. I'll miss you bearded doc profile picture.
  3. It was always Boldir in my heart
  4. It was Gregory who was on there before. If I had a good one of Boldir that I liked, I'd use it.
  5. Ahhhhh you changed you profile picture. Goodbye Boldir, hello new doctor.
  6. I had over 5000 posts on their old forums. Don't have any on the new one. I'm not using that ****ty site.
  7. Yes, they didn't come with the GOTY, and there is no way to get them now without the "GOTY Deluxe." And holy hell, I had forgotten how terrible Bethesda's new website is. Like, it's not just the forum, their game websites are ugly as hell and barely functional.
  8. They didn't come with the GotY? That's bullshit. And it's not even like it's because they came out after it. All the little plugins besides Fighter's Stronghold came out before KotN or Shivering Isles. Shame, because I thought quality-wise, Oblivion's house DLCs were better than Hearthfire or FO4's ****ty settlement toys. Considering CDPR gave out at least a dozen free mini plugins for Witcher 3, I'd wager you're right.
  9. If you want proof that Bethesda nickel and diming didn't start with the Creation Club or whatever... I bought Oblivion GOTY on Steam, and could never figure out why I couldn't enable the little plugins like Frostcrag Spire and Vile Lair. Turns out in order to get those I'd have to re-buy the Oblivion GOTY Deluxe version. Motha**** You know those would have been free add-ons available to anyone, if it was CDPR.
  10. Why. Won't. You. DIE?!!!!
  11. Greetings, Imperial. Any news from the other provinces?
  12. I'm trying to play Oblivion and I can't because people keep saying "greetings, Imperial." It just ruins it.
  13. Yip yip, I dont think we shared the name for a good while.
  14. Holy shit, it was! I like to think I have good memory when it comes to things like this, but looking back at all my old attachments, there were several pictures I'd forgotten about. The Rebec one must've been old because I didn't even know the baby's name would be Ragna yet.
  15. I loved it tho, and yes preggers Rebec was definitely you.
  16. Mila destroying Roscrea is my favorite, holding Theudofrid's head is hilarious.
  17. Lol thanks. Are you sure pregnant Rebec was me, though? I remember trying to draw her and Baldur at the wedding in Falkreath but I got annoyed and quit on it before finishing. Don't remember ever doing Rebec by herself or pregnant though. Endar and Mila at Cloud Top was the hardest. Just because I did it on my pipsqueek phone screen using a finger painting app. You ain't missing much, bud. The others Colonel mentioned weren't very good, but I at least tried to make them actual pictures. The Baldur x Dales one? Not so much. It was a thirty second joke sketch like most of my shit.
  18. Wait what?! Dammit that must have been in an OOC or Off-Topic thread I missed, I'd love to see that.
  19. Also Endar I remember.
  20. on a serious note many of Docs sketches for the rp were quite charming. He did preggers Rebec once, Theodore, and my fav, Dales and Baldur climbing high hrothgar while his hair was on fire.
  21. Remove Kabeard.
  22. I gotchu.
  23. We need a good ol' Boldir drawing now.
  24. Gotcha. Well I can see the work you put into her. At least she's not trying to screw everything with boobs, lol. Anyway a really nice addition to the rp fan art collection.
  25. And LOL, I think I understand why Dales used to act like a child(in reference to Celan's comment) . She had no real parental guidance while growing up (Her mother died when she was really young), and her ony real mother figure she was screwing with, which surely stunted her development. She moody, angry, and goes into bursts of deep depression, even if she is well-intentioned. The only positive father-figure/role model, she has is Gracchus. She's made many improvements, but still has a long way to go. It's still in her personality to be a little childish (Dales is Dales after all), the way she was acting around Baldur, and the fact she yells out "Holy Tomatoes!" when running away from Ruination.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Unfortunately, yes. Her skill with blade and spear, however, is from Lorgar, Krogun, and Gaius's lessons. It was taught. Though her magical prowess, is also because she was a prodigy at the Synod. She's really good in the Alteration school, naturally. Her skill in the other schools, will be heavily reduced though, as will her stronger then average speed and strength. She can somewhat compensate with Alteration magic.
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