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  2. That's fantastic, thank you!
  3. Though I wouldn’t say they stuck to one, Vikings almost always had an axe on them alongside their swords or spears. Phalanxes with spears pretty much always had swords too, and knights wielding all sorts of different armaments always had either a blade or a dagger on them, something to go alongside horsemen picks, and the like. I might be wrong but I can’t think of any force off the top of my head that just stuck to one weapon primarily. Even if it was something like a claymore, those warriors were quick to drop these for smaller blades and axes after their initial charge.
  4. Indeed. And in their defense it is a pretty weapon, one that’s probably quite fun to hack up people in cloth with.
  5. Oh I know. Samurai we're actually masters of the multi melee. They we're trained with bow, and spear, which they primarily used as their main weapons. Like you said, if they ran out of arrows, or their spears broke, then they would take out their swords. I believe it was Miyamoto Musashi (a legendary figure in Japan) who said Samurai who primarily used their swords we're idiots, and a reliance on a single weapon would be your death. Mix and match. Which is a cool way of warfare. In Western history people tend to stick to single weapons, but the Samurai used several.
  6. Well it’s a good thing opinions can’t be wrong I suppose I like their clothing designs and armor, but the katana was always meh to me, though I admit I wore that dumb shit on my back in Halo 3 lol, fit my Wu Tang clan thing I had going with my Killa bee helmet. Anyway that sword was more legend than anything even in Japan. Held ceremonial and spiritual importance, literally was the soul of a Samurai.... Which is why they only used it if their real killing tool was broken or otherwise missing. Their armor was actually designed to effectively protect from cuts and stabs. If you pulled out your katana against guys in full samurai kit, you’d probably be dead soon. Katanas would be like your sidearm that you carry around town for personal defense and fall back to in war when your m16 or m4 jams. Not your main weapon.
  7. Stylish as all **** though. But yeah it's kinda funny how their so hyped up in anime as these super killer weapons. In the context of Japanese history though, i'm sure they we're really good swords, and useful in war in that context, but against western swords...nah.
  8. its true but we’ve all been one of those. I especially shit on the katana every chance I get. Shittiest sword ever made in history. Not even because of the design alone but that crap ass iron quality they had in Japan.
  9. The really sad thing is how accurate this about For Honor fans and historyfags in general,
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  11. Yes backers can get the full version through us if not on GOG without purchasing again. You can totally put the game in your sigs, we appreciate the support!
  12. Hircine was merciful, it could have been a giant spider.
  13. It makes me feel like being a lot less merciful come muzzle loading season. I could've shot dozens of doe and a couple younger bucks. But I wanted a big boy to put on the wall, so I passed them all up. This December I'm gonna wait until the last day and then I'm gunning for some meat.
  14. The deer won the battle, how does that make you feel? Dont feel discouraged though. I've come back empty handed on plenty of hunting trips.
  15. Welp. I'm on my way home from a hunting trip up in the Ozarks. Biggest thing I killed was a spider I found in my towel.
  16. Looking over the list on uesp there seems to a few couple of other diseases that has similar effects in that they make the victim a little crazy and possibly violent. Though they seem to be classified as common diseases and thus easily curable.
  17. Although, Black Marsh is a very weird and mysterious place with lots of other unique diseases, creatures, and whatnot. If such a thing could exist outside the direct influence of a daedra or divine, that's probably where you could find it. Though I honestly think that since we've already basically had it with Corprus and still have something similar with necromancy, it would be a little redundant.
  18. My bad, should've quoted Witch, just figured it being under his post was good enough. Anyway, that's why I had doubts of such a thing existing without the influence of a daedra or some divine artifact, which is the only way I could see such a thing existing in TES. Perhaps working like I'd originally thought the Darkspawn taint did, the manifestation of a (maybe dead) god's will spreading like a virus.
  19. Gotcha. I thought you were talking about disease in general, not specifically the ones that can't be cured easily. TES has tons of diseases, afflictions, etc, but most seem pretty easily cured by a priest or healer. Even the vampirism diseases are easy to cure before they reach the final stage and transform you.
  20. Well there seems to be a lot of diseases in TES with various degrees of ease can somehow be cured.
  21. Never hear about someone having a tricky ringworm they can’t get rid of or something, lol.
  22. That’s what I mean though. Every time we’ve gotten something that wasn’t easily cured it seems to stem either from daedra, or in Morrowind Lorkhan. edit: or the sload
  23. You need the esp file, AND the bsa.
  24. Thought so, though I hadn’t read the novels yet. So all I had to go by was fan word.
  25. I remember the part about the Imperials. That all followed pretty much immediately after the Crisis and makes sense in my book. The Septims are dead and the daedra are gone. It's the perfect time to retake the swamp with no backlash (they also didn't drive out all Wimperials. They were still in Lilmoth at least, though as civilian remnants instead of a force). But I don't recall it ever saying that the Hist specifically drove them to attack Morrowind. Not saying it didn't, but I think it'd be a lot more characteristic of the Argonians to just do it themselves, no doubt with plenty of Hist sap in their systems to give them strength. It's not like they lacked a motive.
  26. I don't think so. Things like rockjoint, fever, and infections seem pretty much natural. Every time a disease is specifically created by a daedra, it's pretty notably distinctive, like vampirism or lycanthropy. Even Peryite's known plagues tend to result in some pretty extreme symptoms, and he creates them with the specific intention of enforcing his desire for natural order. Granted, low level diseases might still fall under Peryite's domain, but I doubt he invented them. Similar to how destruction or rape might please Dagon or Bal, but they didn't invent the concepts.
  27. In the novels Glim does credit the Hist with throwing out the wimperials and avenging the Argonians' enemies.
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