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  1. Your camera and time only. Watch the video.
  2. I found an amazing video on scanning 3D objects in the real world and getting their textured mesh into 3D programs like Blender--only using a camera! I came here to mention it on the shoutbox, but it's gone and nobody was in the chat room but me. 'Just my personal opinion, but I miss the shoutbox. You can find the Youtube video at Basically you take a bunch of pictures of the object from different views, then use free software to convert the images to a textured 3D mesh. Below you see an actual rock on the ground, then a screen shot of a textured 3D mesh of the rock in LightWave. I just checked to verify that the free programs you need are still available--they are.
  3. My experience is a good set of SSDs is a lot better that mechanical drives now, but I expect them to be dramatically better in the future. My Mach V has two Crucial M550 512GB SSDs. I've gotten used to it (aka spoiled) so when I go to another computer to do almost anything, I initially think something is wrong, before I realize it's just slower. As fast as a good SSD is today, they still need to be compatible with the serial ATA (SATA) spec or similar that were initially designed for mechanical drives. I believe as SSDs become more popular and their prices continue to fall, there will be one or more dedicated protocols for SSD's, with mechanical drives used only for longer term storage. Falcon Northwest choose the drives, I didn't. Based on my experience, I'd never go back and I found a SSD review that shows the M550 512GB on top (see below). Since I have four systems connected to a KVM switch, I did an experiment. I timed how long it takes to load up Inkscape with my custom default settings. For my old XP system, it took about 50 seconds. For my Win 7 government laptop it took 17 seconds. For my Samsung Series 9, Win 7 laptop, with a 256GB Samsung SSD, it took about 7 seconds. For the new Mach V it took about 3 seconds. So both systems with SSDs were more than twice as fast as the relatively new government system with a mechanical drive. EDIT: It seems that I'm behind the times. The PCIe NVM Express dedicated SSD protocol is already here! Damn, my "new" system is only 9 months old and it's already out of date. So it goes. Note in the comparison below that there are a half dozen SSDs within 20% or so of the top Crucial. Like I said, I can't imaging going back to mechanical disks, except for long term storage, kind of what we used to use tape for.
  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. DarkRider, given my last name, could the name of my boats be anything else? Bounty I is my Boston Whaler, Bounty II was a Cape Dory Typhoon (in Bermuda now!), Bounty III was a Cape Dory 24.
  5. From the album Vince's Screen Shots & Such

    Not another dagger!
  6. I would definitely recommend that you switch to 2.72 as it is a major step up from 2.49. That being said, you may want to wait until you have some free time. There's a lot that's different in 2.7x that you will need to learn. For example, the new versions support N-gons, which significanly changes how you model. Also, applying materials and textures with cycles render is very different than the standard Blender. Cycles produces significantly better renders, but may not be what you want to use if you plan to export to .nif files. I've been doing a good bit with 2.71 and cycles render, but haven't been exporting to .nifs. Hopefully, someone else may be able to shed some light on that. Good luck.
  7. Installing Morrowind on a Windows 7 system from CDs the "right" way. After several hours of searching the internet for issues installing Morrowind, I decided to start over. Although many programs work best when installed in the default directory, Program Files folders are protected in Windows 7, which causes several issues. Remember that Morrowind was released before Vista or Win 7. I found that installing in an unprotected folder made things much simpler. So install in a non-protected folder, such as C:\Games\Morrowind. If you do that, just install Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon in that order. Then install the Bloodmoon official patch (Bloodmoon_v1.6.1820.exe). When you launch Morrowind, at the screen where you can load a saved game, check that "1.6.1820" shows in the lower left corner and you're good to go. Extracting MGE into the Morrowind folder does not require administrative rights since it's not in a Program Files folder. So, after most of a day trying to get things working from the default directory, I did it all in about 20 minutes, installing to a non-protected folder. Have fun.
  8. Success! <<< ALTHOUGH THE STEPS BELOW WORK. INSTALLING SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\... MAKES THINGS MUCH EASIER. SEE THE NEXT POST. >>> Since two steps (installing Bloodmoon and installing MGE) are not straightforward, I owe it to my fellow gamers to document the solution. Installing Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and MGE on a Windows 7 System. This assumes that you have separate CDs for Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon. This also assumes you installed to the default directory, which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind. In the steps below, "...\Morrowind" = C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Morrowind. 1> Install Morrowind in the default directory. This should be straightforward. 2> Install Tribunal. This too should be straightforward. 3> Install Bloodmoon, but do not run it yet. 4> From the Bloodmoon CD, copy all the files from Data Files\Meshes to ...Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes. This directory was empty before this step. 5> From the Bloodmoon CD, copy all the files from Data Files\Textures to ...Morrowind\Data Files\Textures. This directory had one .tga file before this step. Now you can activate Tribunal.esm and Bloodmoon.esm and the game should run without errors. 6> If you try to install MGE by right clicking on it, then clicking 7-Zip to extract it to the ...\Morrowind folder you will get a bunch of errors. This is because C:\Program Files (x86) is protected. Instead, locate 7zFM.exe (default location is C:\Program Files\7-Zip). Right click on it, then click on run as administrator. Now find your downloaded MGE file (mine was MGE 3_8_0 Manual-5535.7z) and extract it to the ...\Morrowind folder. You should now find MGEgui.exe in the ...\Morrowind folder. 7> For documentation, run MGEgui.exe and click on the [Help] button. That will take you to the Sourceforge Morrowind Graphics Extender page at the Summary tab. Click on the Files tab. Click on Documentation Snapshots. Click on Offline Documentation Snaps(hot for 3.8.0). Download that. Open the downloaded .zip file and click on morrgraphext. Scroll down the list of files to Documentation.html, click on that and you're good to go. I hope some will find this helpful.
  9. HeyYou, I don't understand exactly how to do what you suggest. Also, I discovered to run MGE XE, "You must have Morrowind GOTY or Bloodmoon fully patched." I tried with just Tribunal and just got a long list of errors. So I can't use MGE until I figure how to install Bloodmoon on Win 7. This is very disappointing.
  10. HeyYou, thanks for your reply. No, I didn't get any error messages during installation. Also, I added to my OP that, unfortunately, installing again didn't help. Since I don't care that much for Bloodmoon, I'm just going to go ahead and run Morrowind with Tribunal and add the mods (starting with MGE and the Morrowind Code Patch).
  11. I have the original CDs for Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon. Although I have successfully installed all three on several computers before, I'm having trouble installing Bloodmoon on my newest computer. Everything is fine after installing Morrowind and Tribunal, but after installing Bloodmoon, I get an error at startup "Unable to Load snowflake:Meshes\BM_snow_01.nif". This sounds like a problem with a BSA. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. The system is running Windows 7 Pro, with a i7-4790K (Devil's Canyon) 4.0 GHz processor with 8 GB RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 780 GPU. Although I don't care that much for Bloodmoon, I'd rather sort this out before installing MGE and the Morrowind Code Patch. If I can resolve the problem with Bloodmoon, what happens if I install if after installing MGE and the Code Patch? I've gone through a clean restore with no Morrowind and verified in the registry that Bethesda and Morrowind were not there. I installed again, first Morrowind, then Tribunal, then Bloodmoon. As before, I could run Morrowind with Tribunal, but as soon as I added Bloodmoon, I got the error described above. Unchecking Bloodmoon,esm did not fix the problem. In other words, once I installed Bloodmoon, I could no longer run Morrowind, with or without Tribunal or Bloodmoon. I did try applying the 1.6 patch to Bloodmoon to no effect.
  12. Thanks to all of you I have a better picture of how it works. Cheers
  13. I finally have a computer where I can devote one drive to STEAM. Not surprisingly, the first game I want to buy is Skyrim. I want to play Skyrim with as little online as possible. If I need to initially have it authenticated by STEAM and STEAM has to do their update thing, that's OK. Being constantly online while playing is not OK. As I understand it, I can buy the DVD or do a direct download from STEAM. Are there any other options? Also, do these options change how much I need to be online?