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  1. That's true for the ground object mesh but you need that set for the rigged mesh (wearable one).
  2. Don't worry about it. You should have seen some of the stuff I did when I was starting off. What's important is that you have the determination to stick with it and not not give up. Not everyone has that quality. NifSkope editing can be daunting at first but you'll pick it up bit by bit and eventually you'll be able to do this stuff your sleep. Something went wrong with that .7z archive. I can't open it.
  3. Could you upload the files you have now? I'll take a look at them and see if I can find the problem.
  4. In the nif that you uploaded, the texture paths were wrong. They just need to point to the actual location of the textures. It might help you to organise your files a bit better. Use your username and mod name like this: meshes/aleniskendra/WarBabies/ textures/aleniskendra/WarBabies/ Put your meshes together in the meshes part and all textures together in the texture part. It'll also help avoid conflict with other mods in the future if you have it like this. But make sure to change the texture paths in your nifs. BTW, what version of NifSkope are you using?
  5. Firstly, can I just suggest maybe putting clothes on the baby. It might get you in trouble the way it is. Anyway, about the issue you're having... You need to have a normal map, so make sure one exists in the first place. The reason the normal map wasn't working is because you don't have the correct settings under "BSLightingShaderProperty". The particular offending setting in this case is "Alpha" which should be set to "1.0000" not "0.0000". There are other settings that you might want to change too. Copy the settings from a mesh that you know is working, like a vanilla mesh, for instance. For future reference, whenever you're having problems with the appearance of a mesh, it's almost always caused by some setting in "BSLightingShaderProperty". N.B. I had a look at the original fur-backpack mod and the normal maps aren't working on most of that either. So don't copy the settings from that. That should at least sort that problem out. There are a few other problems I can see, too. But just see if you can get that to work and I'll go over the other stuff later if you want.
  6. You can use the coc command to just jump to that cell. No need for a key.
  7. There are a number of console commands that you can use for that stuff. Check the UESP page here. Just don't save after using any console commands, because they can mess up the save. A useful one is the flying camera command (tfc). Just enter it in the console and you can move the camera wherever you want. To turn it off you just repeat the same command.
  8. I'm assuming that this is for classic Skyrim, given that the original mod is for that. It looks like you're applying the same settings to the body that you have on the armor. The skin shininess is most likely being caused by the "SLSF1_Specular" flag being set in "BSLightingShaderProperty->Shader Flags 1". Body meshes should not have this set, so it needs to be unchecked. You probably have many other settings incorrect as well, so they will need to be changed to the correct settings for a body mesh. So you need to copy the settings from the original body mesh to your new body mesh. Take a look at this tutorial, specifically the part on NifSkope, for the details on what you need to do. It doesn't matter that the tutorial is for Blender, because the NifSkope section is the same for meshes exported from Max. N.B. One thing to bear in mind: That tutorial is for an older version of NifSkope. If you're using a newer version (2.0.0 Pre-Alpha versions) then the part on "NiTriShapeData->Num UV Sets" is different. Instead of just setting "Num UV Sets" to 1 you need to set the next field "Extra Vectors Flags" to "None". So to clarify: In NEW NifSkope, Body meshes should have "Num UV Sets = 1" and "Extra Vectors Flags = None", while Armor meshes should have "Num UV Sets = 1" and "Extra Vectors Flags = Tangents_Bitangents".
  9. I love it when this stuff has a simple solution. Normally, when I try to help I just end up confusing the hell out of people.
  10. Also, I don't know if you know this, but the links for the tutorials don't work, at least for me. It's been like that for months. The only way to get at them is to use the search box or google to find them.
  11. Try setting up relative paths in Nifskope (Options->Settings...->Resources->Auto Detect Game Paths). You're currently using absolute paths for the textures, which may be causing the problem. They should show up as "textures\clutter\dwwoodmetalstrip02.dds" and "textures\clutter\dwwoodmetalstrip02_n.dds" in BSShaderTextureSet. I tried out your nif and it works fine when using relative paths.
  12. But my point still stands: If someone doesn't know about it, then they'll most likely think the site is down. It's not good practice to have an error page for the base home address.
  13. I get the same message when I type the address "tesalliance.org" into the address bar. That's with no shortcuts and the cache cleared. It's been like that for months. To get to the forums I need to use tesalliance.org/forums. If someone is trying to get to the site and doesn't know about that, they'll most likely assume that the site is down. I'm sure that's happened to many people. It should be fixed to redirect to tesalliance.org/forums.
  14. Congrats! I can't wait to see how it turns out.
  15. Well, the most obvious thing you could do is study those other mods to see how they do things.