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    • donnato

      Well .. the shizz has hit the fan across the pond,eh?
      · 1 reply
    • Vouivre

      So... I got ESO finally for my ps4, given laptop is 'okay' desktop is dead. So this, and potentially streaming is going to be a thing.
      · 0 replies
    • Witty

      It's E3 time!!!!!
      · 0 replies
    • Tundragunner  »  InsanitySorrow

      Hi. Greatly admire your work! Have a question concerning your Wall Chart Modding Resource.
      After loading it and creating a couple of charts (smithing 01 and 02) and adding them to my mod, I noticed a warning next time I started up the Creation Kit with this mod containing your charts. At first it was: Assertion File ..\..\Shaders\BSLightingShaderProperty.ccp Line 806 along with something along lines of accept or ignore. Thinking I had done something wrong, I deleted the Wall Chart resource, redownloaded and recopied meshes and texture files to my Data file. Now I get an Assertion Warning same as before only uses word Assert instead of Assertion.
      Search for solution did not give me anything I could really use to fix this. As I am trying to learn all I can about modding could you please help to understand what is going on with this warning? Also, how could I fix this (I assume in Nifskope??). Is this even important to worry about?
      · 0 replies