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Found 48 results

  1. Hello I made an account on this website in hopes of getting some help So long story short Im not very good at modding and I have been working on a mod for a while now but I want to add a custom animal follower that I want to be able to breath fire just like the dragons do when the animal is outside in combat. I dont have the slightest clue on how to script so I was hoping someone here can help me figure that out. I have already tried simply coipying the dragons spelllist to my follower race/actor and giving him enough magicka to cast them as well as changing hiss combat style to one that favors spells. But he doesnt use them im assuming because he doesnt have the animations to use them. In the long run I'd like for him to simply use the "abdragonfirespell" very rarely while in combat. Otherwise I pretty much have him set up the way I want. Can someone here give me either an example script that would do this for me or perhaps walk me through it. Thanks in advance, ZeroEscape
  2. Morrowind Mod Question

    Hi everyone. I've been looking for help with a particular mod on various sites, and have emailed and messaged both the mod's original creator as well as a guy who updated the mod, but I haven't heard from them, so I'm giving this wonderful site a try. It's been 14 years since the mod was created and so I may not ever hear from them, but I am really stuck and it's a mod I've fallen in love with, so I'm hoping that maybe someone here has played it and may have an idea on how I can get past this area. The mod is Suran Underworld (version 3) and I'm doing the quest for the Overlord where you go to Sotha Sil's Workshop to get a dagger called Shard. In the first room, there are rising and lowering platforms, a force-field and fabricants that appear over and over. There are two levers high up that I think need to be clicked on, but I fall off of the platforms before I can get near them. I went ahead into the second room just to see what would happen, and there are many platforms with three control panels and you have to choose a number on each one. I'm not sure what the right numbers are, but as I click on them randomly, I "appear" on a different platform and a fabricant pops down for me to kill. I have no idea of what the right numbers are, or what is supposed to happen, and so I'm totally stuck. I've posted on many other sites and have found a short faq about this section of the mod, but it says something about killing a golem. There is no golem here for me to kill, and after using the console codes in this faq, nothing happens in the game world. I hate to give up on this because I honestly haven't fallen in love with a mod like this in years and would SO love to keep going and finish it. So, if anyone has played this and knows what I'm talking about, I would love to have your help. Hints, console codes, anything would be great at this point. Thanks so much in advance for your help, Tracy
  3. Hello! I'm relatively new to these forums. I've read (every single one) the modding tutorials because quite frankly I'm tired of making mods that nobody actually needs- i.e; a mod that adds a weapon that looks like cringe. Nevertheless, I've been working on a mod that allows the player to travel to Coldharbour the realm of Molag Bal. I need help, basically. I can't script if Molag Bal's life depended on it, and modeling? HA! I take meshes from the base game, and texture them to look blue or purple. The recurring theme in textures is soul. So everything is supposed to look ethereal. I have taken some thousand meshes and textured them with fitting textures that look purple or blue. I have created a few landscapes, but I'm considering scrapping them to create a mega worldspace similar to that of the Shivering Isles. I can't make meshes. I can't script. Quest are too hard to make. Dialogue never works. What I can do? Write quest- not like that matters, texture, make terrain, and design levels. I want two or three people that I can Skype call, or email back and forth to work on this mega-mod. And by people, I want modders with genuine experience. So if you're interested in this, comment below. I'll post my Skype in the comments if anyone replies. Have a great day, happy modding!
  4. Hello, Every time I get started with Skyrim I just can't keep cheesy vanilla combat up, or even mods which are usually just highly tweaked versions of same and need to install Duke Patrick's Combat Mod to make combat properly strategic and tactical. Immersive Citizens says this: My mod is the first and the only one to modify the root AI used by NPCs when they are in combat, therefore, it is compatible with any combat overhauls. Besides, my mod only affects friendly and unique NPCs, so there is no bad or good synergy with those mods. If you use a mod which edits combat styles, friendly and unique NPCs will use my combat styles whatever your load order. Duke Patrick says this: In general, any mod that makes any changes to the vanilla combat records including combat animation conditions, combat perks, combat game settings, projectile speeds, stamina regeneration, combat styles and any other record used to control the behavior of combat will not be compatible. So what are your thoughts? Incompatible? Now that I've posted this it seems kind of very likely, but I don't know if an installation of Duke will modify NPC actors combat styles to be compatible with his. It would make sense to me but Immersive Citizens modifies the root AI so I'm not sure. And I don't do mod programming so I'm REALLY not sure. I'd appreciate any help. Z. I posted about Duke Patrick's Combat Mod on REDDIT and you can find it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/43q1mw/holy_grail_of_combat_mods_duke_patricks_archery/ And you can find the MOD ITSELF here:
  5. The Elder Scrolls V: Guardians Greetings everyone! I am not new to modding, but I am new to the TES Community. I am making a Faction Questline mod for TESV:Skyrim and was pushed by people to start a thread, to attract people, get help and gain recognition. Below are categorized details of my mod, and images to get people interested. Planned and implemented features Custom Weapons and armor Custom textures - Banners, dragon skin ect. Dungeons and placed to explore throughout the storyline Soundtrack 4-6 (or more) hours of gameplay Over 30 Fully voiced NPC Followers New world(s)/realms Custom Interior Meshes New Spells/shouts Lore-friendly Storyline/Description My mod is a faction mod with two sides - The Guardians & The Assassins Guild. My mod is a faction mod with two side - The Guardians & The Assassins Guild. The Guardians are a faction which were originally made to put an end to the AG, destroy and rid them of the world. However, Time passed, and plans changed, and they evolved into an honorable warriors guild of loyal fighters - but this doesn't mean they still don't have it out for their enemies. The leader Mallorie, leads with an iron fist and will do whatever it takes to keep her daughter, Dorothy, and her people safe. Although this woman has a Kind exterior, this is merely just a guise for her burning hatred for the Assassins Guild, and her passion to destroy them. The Guardians are currently located on Cheriton Valley, a small Island North-West of Dawnstar. They worship Mara, goddess of love and compassion, as they believe she is the key to The Cube of LIght. The Assassins Guild, like the Guardians, were built for one purpose: To retrieve The Cube Of Darkness and plummet the world into their idea of "Utopia". The AG are ruthless, and will do what ever it takes to get their goal. They are not to be messed with as their revenge will be bitter and sour, and will extort, kill, or ruin you and even the ones you love. The leader, Freyana rules along side Trustworthy Gideon whose people respect and love - and the feeling is mutual. The Cube of Darkness can be stopped with The Cube of Light, but who will find what first? -- Major Characters -- Mallorie Vallecius - Mallorie is the leader of The Guardians, and mother to Dorothy. She is firm and and an all round nice woman, whose opinions are respected and never questioned. Mallorie has some trust issues, and therefore is not very warming to strangers. She tries to make sure everyone stays in line and keeps up the peace within the Village. 2 years prior in which these events take place, Mallorie was left by her husband, leaving her and Dorothy all alone. This led to added stress, and trust issues Mallorie would later develop. Mallorie's mother died early, so she couldn't remember her. Her and her sister were raised in Cyrodiil (they are imperials). Mallorie met her love, In Cyrodiil and was married by 24. At 25, Mallorie became pregnant, in the year she lost her father. Mallorie was then told she would travel to Skyrim, following in her father's footsteps and leading the Guardians. All the stress and grief caused Mallorie to lose her child. By 27, Mallorie was pregnant again, and had a daughter named Dorothy. The settled in Cheriton Village and lived there up until She was left by her husband, without a single Goodbye or note. Dorothy Vallecius - Dorothy is the daughter of Mallorie. Before Dorothy's father walked out on her mother, she was taught how to wield a sword and can fight (unlike all other children in Skyrim) and has a very strategic mind and constantly tries to get involved in her mother's Affairs (which angers Dorothy as her mother refers to it as "Adult's work"). Dorothy is cynical, sly but it is all just a cover to mask her insecurity and feelings. Dorothy and the player relate as the player is "the only one that understand's her". Sidvarr - Sidvarr was intentionally made to be One of the original dragon priests after betraying them like everyone else. However, to save himself from this fate, Sidvarr sealed himself in a tomb, In hopes that the next dragonborn would rescue him and take him to The Guardians. Because of this, Sidvarr is extremely good with magic and health (which gives the opportunity for custom spells that can be taught to the player) and knows dragon shouts (which can also be taught to the player). The reason Sidvarr remembers everything is because as a Magic Scholar and an unofficial dragon priest, he was able to teach himself the knowledge, meaning and current events in Skyrim. Sidvarr is kind and good, but when it comes to getting what he wants, this is blinded by his impatience and desire the eats away at him. Mary-Anne Golden-Hilt - Mary-Anne Golden-Hilt, is a feisty Weapons and Armor Saleswoman for The Guardians. The Golden-Hilt's are a fierce line of honorable warriors that have been serving the Guardians for centuries - Smithing is in her blood. Mary-Anne is down to earth, determined and won't let anything get in her way. Her hostility is conditional, if she doesn't know someone very well. She thinks highly of herself - and is intelligent and strategic. Her last recorded family member is her ancestor Gormlaith Golden-Hilt, who fought in the Dragon war against Alduin. After that her family tree is scattered or missing. Freyana Black - Freyana Black is the Leader of the Assassins Guild. She loves her people, and her people love her back, as she continues to thrive in looking after them. She doesn't move until her people are happy and trusts each and every on of them with with her life. Her people's decisions are equally as valid as hers and listens and respects everybody. Mallorie's past and personal life are shrouded in mystery. Being the leader at a young age sometimes gets to her, and has been using Skooma to "treat" her pain. She rules along side a trustworthy Gideon, serving as Second in command. Gideon - Gideon is Freyana's right hand and Second-in-command. He is rude, and witty and likes things done his way; on several occasions, Freyana can be seen trying to calm him down. During the course of the mod, Gideon's character will unfold even more as the plots continue. Gideon is not a true Assassin, as he doesn't believe in killing, but doesn't eliminate it as a possible solution. He thinks very high of himself and looks down on everyone, most likley due to his authority and egotistic-like driven nature. Cindy - Cindy is a member of the Assassin's Guild. Cindy was forced into the AG and Gideon and Freyana (her superiors) treat her poorly with little to no respect at all. They refer to her as a "wreck, useless, weak" etc. Cindy doesn't have any other friends within the guild and is mostly scared of the people there. For example, when the player talks to Cindy she will end with " I... I have to go... I shouldn't be talking to you". She is Gideon's assistant who treats her like nonsense and most likely thinks the worst of her. Although Cindy is a good down-to-earth person, she isn't happy where she is, as everyone refuses to see the good in her. Cindy's father was part of the AG, but unfortunately her mother found out, and the AG ordered her father to kill Cindy's mother. After doing so her father went into hiding and Cindy was forced in, by her father before he went into hiding and the AG. Guardians Faction Lore: Vallecius Men have been leading The Guardians on Cheriton Village for centuries. Established in the second Era, The Guardians have been known for their constant attacking against the Assassins Guild and their "burning fire in which they drive the swords through their enemies hearts". Due to Mallorie's father having two daughters before he passed away - Mallorie the eldest, for the first time in over 1000 years, a woman leads The group of warriors. Eventually, The Guardians moved on from the idea of getting The Cube Of Darkness. As generations came and went, The Guardians are now known to provide protection, offer services, help people, and more. However, The Assassins Guild still exist, and the Cube of Darkness isn't far from their priority list... Assassins Guild Faction Lore: Thornor Vallecius married a beautiful maiden called Joldima. Thornor was an extremely wealthy man who lived in Vallecius Manor; a twelve bedroom estate by himself. After meeting the love of his life, two years later she bore him two sons. When Thornor decided to stay with his mother; following her injuries - he come home to find his two children dead on the floor and his wife laughing. Her eyes, posture and everything had changed. When Thornor, grief-stricken asked his wife, bewildered, she laughed uncontrollably and started using magic and sorcery - a skill Joldima never possessed. As Thornor bled in front of her, He crawled to the basement and discovered a cube glowing red that lit of a painful light when going close. After removing the cube from the pedestal, the house engulfed in flames, and they were transported to a small Island off the coast of Dawnstar. Joldima was screeching and weeping about what she had done to her children. She said the only way to undo the evil she did, she had to get the Cube Of Darkness. Thornor heavily disagreed, and Joldima left him. Years later, after Thornor had moved on with another son and wife; Joldima was driven mad by the Deadra, after being inflicted with the Cube and continued to self Distruct. Molag Bal, Azura and Clavicus Vile used their worshippers as pawns, and handed them over to Joldima. Upon meeting her, they all instantly became possessed, and starting killing innocent townsfolk, hunting humans and doing other crazy unbelievable havoc on Tamriel. To make themselves more known, Clavicus Vile granted Joldima Immortality, and bestowed upon her the name of Black - which she and her followers continued to use. However, when a member of the Guardians found their hideout (Thornor had been building up an alliance of his own to stop his wife and her deathwish way of living her life) they stole The Cube . As punishment, The Deadra seized the Cube and stripped away the Asassins Immortality. The Cube of Darkness have never been found since. Joldima swore on everything she held dearest, that she would kill the people who caused her undoing - and thus A war and the Assassins Guild were born. Current Members Of the Team: yllib - (Jhon Thomas) - Custom Meshes and textures maker OrganicView - Music Composer McKenzie Rose - Voice Actress (Cindy & Dorothy) Elijah Lucian - Voice Actor (Gideon) Oscar Furey - Voice Actor (Sidvarr & Miscellaneous Male Voices) Cassandra Wlasyslava - Voice Actress (Female Miscellaneous Voices) Mike Hall - Voice Actor (Male Elf & Other Male Miscellaneous Voices) Screenshots: AG Cave - http://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_cUccOzIckzVG0xeUpPZjh3YTA Assassins Guild - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_cUccOzIckzdW9uYVVzRi1Fb1U Cheriton Manor - http://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_cUccOzIckzaTIxU0pFcnZaWUk&usp=sharing Cheriton Village - http://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_cUccOzIckzRXVuQ1d3enRyejQ&usp=sharing Thank you so much and I hope you have a good time browsing through my mod. I am still looking for team members, so I will be on here actively. Feel free to comment & post or PM me!
  6. Hello Everyone! This is Hannes821 from "Atmora calling" and i would like to introduce you to our project, we have been working with a bunch of people for months on! now we want to finalize and you got the chance to join in the last 10% of the making! it is going to be an immersive, lore friendly high-level, arctic and a bit horror-like survival game experience based on Frostfall and Ineed; also bringing in the lore of the Dragon wars and the ancient nords! the first video will show you what you can do, and what tools you would need; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdmRl3m_q1A the second video will show you the idea a bit deeper; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVTp_UuuOIo we also have a nexus page, http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68189? a big forum, http://atmora-calling.freeforums.net/ a steam group for instant group communication and a facebook profile for publicity!
  7. [OBL] CS Basics TES4Gecko?

    I've recently started the CS Basics tutorial series here in TES Alliance. By now I've reached lesson #4 in which I'm supposed to clean a mod with the TES4Gecko tool, however, I've heard of another tool called TES4Edit which serves the same or a similar purpose. I went to the TES4Gecko Nexus page and noticed the file hasn't been updated since 2008 while the TES4Edit file was updated just recently(last month). So, I'm wondering if anyone knows of any reason why I shouldn't use the TES4Edit tool to clean my mod instead? Thanks!
  8. Hello, so I am having a large issue with a small tidbit to a player house I've been trying to do. It's A Journal that I am adding just to give a little story to the place and hint at something darker going on there. The issue is I'm having some trouble with the formatting. See, to allow for some elements I am making each of the book's pages as images vs just using the normal html and text stuff. This so I can add marks to the pages, blotted out words and some sketch's. The issue is I am having trouble getting each page to be on each page. I know [pagebreak] will split the pages. However it's not doing that for me. This here is the text for the book <img src='img://textures/EtherflowTower/kj001.png' height='450' width='300'> [pagebreak] <img src='img://textures/EtherflowTower/kj001.png' height='450' width='300'> [pagebreak] <img src='img://textures/EtherflowTower/kj001.png' height='450' width='300'> [pagebreak](same page for place holders+ testing) However in game http://i.imgur.com/hG6JkbF.jpg I get that. Each page image is indeed 450x300px in size (that was a rough size guess for the pages, it seems to fit in just fine). I dunno if I -need- the size in the html but everything I find says yes so... But right now I can't get the pages to 'break' properly. I even copied the [pagebreak] from another book to check if the formatting was wrong and got the same issue. I also know it's not working at all, as if I add in even more pages (I did a total of 12) the tops/bottoms clip into one another due to the pagebreak text. How do I fix this? http://i.imgur.com/srMP5QC.png
  9. Vigilant Voice Acting Project (VVAP)

    Hello ladies and gentlemen of the internet! Some of you may know of the brilliant quest mod by Vicn, Vigilant (Link below). This mod is without doubt among the greatest quest mods out there, with an excellent storyline, game mechanics and new monsters. All in all, a very awesome mod. However, the two things this lacks is voice acting, and good translations. For most of the mod, the original Japanese was translated using google translate, enough said. What this project aims to do is translate all of Vigilant accurately, and provide voice acting. But, I do need people to volunteer. To be precise, three types of people. The first: voice actors. Not much to elaborate upon there. The second: Modders. This is simply for the scripting of mouth/speech. This type can combine with any of the other three. The third: Translators. I need these because we're translating the mod, and we need to request permissions from the mod author, who is Japanese, and I don't think speaks much English. But, don't let me ramble. Check out the mod (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/67103/?) and tell me who you'd like to play, and if any of you/people you know can translate.
  10. Help with plaque creation

    You know in a player home mod, when you have plaques that only accept a unique weapon, like a daedric item? Would it be possible for someone to explain how to make that, or just do the script for me? Thanks in advance
  11. Not All Who Wander

    From the album Bawb's Pics

    Myself and my follower walking through the Mru-Shuck Bog, a location in the shire mod. Decided to make up a short story about it just for fun.

    © TheBawb

  12. SHADOW OF THE NECROPOLIS NAXXRAMAS IN SKYRIM RECRUITING SCRIPTERS! "I was cast out by my comrades, exiled, forced to wander the frozen wastes. But I was not alone... not entirely. The voice, now my only companion, guided me to my destination. Strange nightmarish creatures awaited me at the entrance..." Link to screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/oTCt4 Link to sample video (OLD VERSION BUT SHOWCASES AUDIO): For a while now I have been working on re-creating the famous World of Warcraft dungeon, Naxxramas, in Skyrim. Renowned for its unique atmosphere, significance in story and difficulty in the old days of vanilla World of Warcraft, Naxxramas was the ultimate challenge a player in Vanilla WoW could face, and even today its reputation has not faded. A floating necropolis, a giant tomb, Naxxramas was repurposed as an undead fortress and headquarters, commanded by the Arch-Lich Kel'Thuzad. If you ever played World of Warcraft you should also know how the dungeon was removed from the game and re-made as an arguably inferior version in Wrath of the Lich King, which today is a complete pushover and is almost forgotten. Goals "I felt my blood run cold, as cold as Icecrown itself. Inside, I bore witness to horrific acts, demonstrations of power. Power that could be mine for the asking. Terrified, I ran, but did not get far..." With this mod I aim to accomplish a few things by adding Naxxramas into Skyrim. First of all, I wish to honour the greatness of the dungeon in its original form, and pay respect to its legacy and the legacy of Blizzard's excellent work on the dungeon. Secondly, I wish to add an extremely challenging dungeon into a game that severely lacks challenging encounters and dungeons, especially considering Legendary leveling and the infamous Necromage/Vampire combo and blacksmithing / alchemy / enchanting. I hope to add a dungeon that will be a challenge to players that have already played the game a lot and have leveled their character to, say, 200 or 300+ and provide a "final level" to the game, a sort of "ultimate challenge" that will test the patience, determination and wits of all those who dare to enter Naxxramas' decrepit halls. Through scripting I hope to also add WoW-accurate encounters and boss-fights, and randomised loot drops, and to make the dungeon relevant to the world by implementing a minor quest and world-encounters, as the Scourge invades Tamriel... So far I have built about 3/4 of the Military Quarter / Death Knight Wing, but am progressing very quickly, and soon I will move on to other sections of the raid. However there are limits to what I alone can do. This is why I have come here, to ask for help in recreating one of the best dungeons from WoW in Skyrim. You can help! "All too soon, my choice was made. Too late did I realise that such power does not come without a price. Now the world will pay a far greater toll, for I have returned! I am Kel'Thuzad... Your curiosity will be the death of you!" What I need help with: Scripting. As much as I would love to script this dungeon myself, doing it would be extremely time consuming and almost impossible as I have no prior experience with scripting, and this, shamefully, is my first mod. Furthermore, scripting, like complex mathematics, goes way over my head and I can't understand it as much as I try. Therefore, I am requesting the help of any scripters that are willing to make this dungeon a reality. If no one helps then I'll just have to struggle on my own and it probably won't get released for years. Modelling / Texturing. Though not absolutely top-priority, this is still an important part of making Naxxramas stand out in the world of Skyrim, since I want the mod to encapsulate what is essentially an alien (undead) invasion where strange creatures from another world arrive in Tamriel with one purpose... extermination. So anyone willing to help in this department is more than welcome. I myself will handle building the dungeon, navmeshing, implementation, writing books for the dungeon, doing some voice acting etc, so I'll still be doing a lot of work - but I can't do everything since this is a rather complex dungeon to say the least. Even if you can't help, please leave a comment and feedback, and keep this thread alive. Share the link with your friends and spread the word: The Scourge is coming to Skyrim!
  13. Hello, this thread will describe my WIP mod. For years I have wanted one thing - first in Oblivion and now in Skyrim - a dungeon mod for Naxxramas, the legendary raid from World of Warcraft. It is a dungeon that I have obsessed over for quite some time, admiring the layout of the dungeon, the atmosphere, the music, the style and the theme of the dungeon - a giant crypt that floats in the sky as a citadel for the undead. Yet in all those years I saw only a few World of Warcraft dungeons made, including the excellent Shadowfang Keep and Scarlet Monastery dungeons for Oblivion, and the Molten Core mod for Skyrim. Many people talked of wanting a Naxxramas mod, but no one could be bothered making it themselves, including me. I waited and waited and kept discouraging myself saying "oh it would be too hard to learn CK". Anyway, after a long period of deliberation I decided that I would build Naxxramas myself if no one else would do it. And so, but a few days ago, I started work on the mod, and am currently building the Military Quarter of the raid making very good progress, and will follow this with the Frostwyrm Lair and central hub sections. I will not be basing this dungeon on the WOTLK version but on the original VANILLA version of the raid, including all enemies from that original, pure incarnation of the greatest dungeon ever designed. I have created a little backstory for why the undead scourge has invaded Tamriel, and that will be included in the mod in books scattered around the dungeon. This is a massive undertaking, because Naxxramas is a vast dungeon - a veritable city in fact. I'm not deterred though, and I'll keep going, simply because I am completely obsessed with Naxxramas, the Undead Scourge, undead in general and recreating it in Skyrim. Here's a list of things I'm going to include in the mod: World of Warcraft-accurate dungeon layout, structure, decoration and colouration. Music and ambient sounds from World of Warcraft to create an authentic atmosphere. Books, written by myself and also taken from World of Warcraft, to give the dungeon backstory and depth rather than making a quest line to reduce work (including gems like On Undeath) Voice files from the game to make the bosses feel closer to World of Warcraft. Accurate enemy names and abilities, including, but not limited to, massive health pools and devastating attacks. Incredibly difficult battles against bosses and standard enemies - it is Naxxramas after all - to the point where you will be pulling your hair out in frustration and wanting to rage quit from the game. Unless you cheat, but that doesn't count. Authenticity is my main goal with this mod - my first mod - because in my opinion if it doesn't look, sound and play like the original then there's no point doing it. As such my mod will be of the highest quality and may well take a long time to complete but it will be worth it in the end. I'm not trying to create something new with this mod, only to recreate a dungeon from another game using Skyrim's assets and some assets from World of Warcraft, giving credit of course. I don't want to be too ambitious and end up failing and so I probably won't put a questline in or any new meshes etc. because it's too much work. Of course, I really could do with some help. I can easily handle building the dungeon, navmeshing it, writing books, adding sounds and music and voice files, scripting etc. but I can't do everything. I really need someone that is fairly good at either importing or creating from scratch certain pieces of armour and also models for enemies, because while I could use Skyrim's, it would look stupid. I really need models for the following bosses: GLUTH (May use a Death Hound as a placeholder) LOATHEB (may resort to using a Troll as a placeholder) THADDIUS (Giant placeholder? Frost Giant?) KEL'THUZAD (although I may resort to using a Dragon Priest for him) GROBBULUS (no placeholder really available for this guy...) ...and the following enemies: ABOMINATIONS (might use Ash Spawn as a placeholder) WIGHTS (Draugr placeholder) SLIMES/ SLUDGES (Netch placeholder?) FUNGAL MONSTROSITIES (Troll placeholder probably) ...and the following weapons / pieces of armour: Level 60 Frost Resistance gear (such as Icebane Plate) Tier 3 armour sets. Shields The importance of including these weapon / armour models is paramount - if the loot and enemy appearances don't fit the bill then it will look half-baked. Maybe I'll have to learn how to do it myself if no one helps me, but then it will a) take more time and b) result in a higher chance I give up out of exhaustion. If you are willing to help but don't know what the above items / enemies look like I recommend looking them up. So, if you are good at modding and can help me, please let me know!
  14. Naxxramas Book

    From the album WIP Naxxramas Mod for Skyrim

    An excerpt of a book in my WIP Naxxramas mod.

    © ScarletPox

  15. Naxxramas Book

    From the album WIP Naxxramas Mod for Skyrim

    An excerpt of a book in my WIP Naxxramas mod.

    © ScarletPox

  16. Naxxramas Book

    From the album WIP Naxxramas Mod for Skyrim

    An excerpt of a book in my WIP Naxxramas mod.

    © ScarletPox

  17. new transformation mod

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, so I apologise if ive posted this in the wrong section. I'm looking to start a new mod project on a stand alone transformation... but im all hung up over the animation aspect... SO the idea it's self is simple, I want to make a mod that transforms the player into the grim reaper... I can put a model together no problem and i have an idea of how to make a basic transformation spell... the problem is I'd like the "grim reaper form" to levitate much like the vampire lord does but also be able to use melee attacks not magic (because he uses a scythe always) So the first thing i thought was... 'thats a question of animations!" but obviously we cant add new animations... only overwrite existing ones So id like to ask anyone kind enough to offer in sight into this, what would be the best way to achieve my goal of getting a scythe wielding levitating grim reaper into the game? Should I take a levitating creature like the vampire lord, replace all the anims and give them all a 2h weapon just so this can work... or is there another way?? Also, even if i did this would it work or would the weapon have its own animation requirements (animations in skyrim are not my strongest point as you can see) Help pls!
  18. New blades dunmer

    From the album mods by delta19

  19. Test for DLC

    I have an example of script below which assembles with no errors but doesn't work I am missing something but I want to test if dawnguard is installed. What do I need to modify to make this work ? Bool[] Property bDLCIsLoaded Auto ; Element 0 is bDawnguard, etc. Int[] Property iKnownFormID Auto ; Element 0 is 2048 for Dawnguard's DLC1AurielsBow "Auriel's Bow" [WEAP:02000800], etc. String[] Property sDLCName Auto ; Element 0 is Dawnguard.ESM, Element 1 is HearthFires.ESM, element 2 is Dragonborn.ESM, etc. Function CheckForDLC() Int iIndex = sDLCName.Length While iIndex iIndex -= 1 If bDLCIsLoaded[iIndex] != Game.GetFormFromFile(iKnownFormID[iIndex], sDLCName[iIndex]) bDLCIsLoaded[iIndex] = !bDLCIsLoaded[iIndex] If bDLCIsLoaded[iIndex] Debug.Trace(sDLCName[iIndex] + " is loaded") If iIndex == 0 ; Dawnguard ; Make any changes needed for Dawnguard ElseIf iIndex == 1 ; Hearthfire ; Make any changes needed for Hearthfire ElseIf iIndex == 2 ; Dragonborn ; Make any changes needed for Dragonborn EndIf Else Debug.Trace(sDLCName[iIndex] + " was loaded, but is no longer") If iIndex == 0 ; Dawnguard ; Revert any changes previously made for Dawnguard ElseIf iIndex == 1 ; Hearthfire ; Revert any changes previously made for Hearthfire ElseIf iIndex == 2 ; Dragonborn ; Revert any changes previously made for Dragonborn EndIf EndIf EndIf EndWhile EndFunction
  20. Hello, so I've decided to start the trek that is creating a new piece of armor, in my case a new helmet. My journey only started today so I still need loads of help. What I have completed so far: created a mesh for the helmet with textures and collision and imported it into the Creation Kit. What I need help with: getting the textures to actually work (Says I'm missing Texture Sets and is light purple instead of my texture), creating a biped version, and physics (?) (in-game, when I walk into it it doesn't react to me, it just sits there) My words cannot describe how extraordinarily grateful I'd be to everyone that helps me achieve this. I want to learn how to create new things like this but I can't start if there's no one to teach me. Thank you.
  21. Nexus link: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52613/? Skyrim Interior Lighting and Clutter Overhaul removes the excess and unrealistic lighting and clutter from many of Skyrim's interior locations. I set out to make this mod after spending years annoyed by the lit torches and honed swords found in supposedly ancient and undisturbed ruins. Going through each cell in the Creation Kit, I removed individual lights and clutter objects by hand to create a more realistic and immersive experience. I removed or occasionally added clutter to reflect the situation of the ruins more realistically. Going into a Draugr infested ruin undisturbed for years? All lights and organic clutter have been removed. Bandits living in an old ruins? Bedrolls have been added if none existed to make the ruins look more lived in. Currently I have gone through about half of the Nordic Ruins locations. I plan to finish the Nordic Ruins by the end of the month, but if this gets a positive response I will try to release faster than that. I am releasing early to gauge the response and see if it will be worth continuing this project. My general approach to removing light sources was to remove them unless an NPC that needs light actively inhabited the cell. Clutter was done to match the lighting, with a lot of gear being removed unless the game provided a signal that it had been there recently. I removed about half the potions I came across. This is help with game balance, while still reflecting that not all potions were sealed properly and went bad after years of sitting in ruins. Any organic clutter was removed unless a living person lived in the cell to put in there. Traps were left alone for game balance.
  22. TES â…¤Skyrim`s My World album

    From the album Sephirothic tree`s Album

    This is the album in my Skyrim. ENB makes blending yet. Therefore, the location is a little funny.

    © TES Ⅴ Skyrim

  23. dungeon keeper mod

    I am beginning construction of a new mod I thought sounded like fun, but I am completely aware this mod will be a huge pain in the ass. I recently came across a game title that I have owned since its release. "dungeon keeper" remembering how much fun that game was I began thinking about how to rekindle it and maybe even improve upon it. knowing that the original dungeon keeper game was preset maps made of squares I began searching through other games I had and thought about skyrim. since skyrim builds its self around squares as well it may not be that hard to change the map, in fact I think the hardest part about creating this mod would be the changing terrain. specifically the mining prosses its self. for the base mod I intend to start off by creating a dungeon built out of cross shaped halls each one has 4 doors all rooms will be the same size. the second part is to put something in each section that may let me customize that section furniture wise at least. the next part will be the little more difficult part of scripting enemy npc to attach specific location or unit "aka dungeon heart" if I can manage to get all that working then we move on to step to making the game more complex by adding unit types that attack and respond differently add in spawning rooms for enemy's as well as allies. third part create an enemy npc that can issue orders to its units and change terrain as its units pass through like the player can give rooms size requirements for spawning perposes and looks give each room its own scripts "such as training room" "lair" "hatchery" fourth part if I can get this far is finalize everything unique models and changes terrain "hopfully be able to "mine" walls to open up rooms
  24. I just released Nagaia Molag, a relatively simple quest that leads the player through a medium-sized Ayleid Ruin. The mod was designed to be extremely lore friendly (to the point of making some very obscure TES historical references and littering the place with translatable Ayleid text), and to fit seemlessly into Cyrodiil. Description: The call has gone out for experienced mercenaries looking to make some coin. An untouched ayleid ruin has just been uncovered at the mouth of the Brenna River, and the expedition set to explore it is in dire need of sellswords to defend workers and scholars from the unknown dangers of this long buried tomb. But while the expedition toils away, another force is at work in the long-lost depths of the Fire King's tomb. TESA: http://tesalliance.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/1716-nagaia-molag/ Nexus: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/44936/?
  25. Hey so having some weird ass glitches I am running skyrim following this mod guide http://www.somethingfornobody.com/blog/skyrim-modding-guide/ with a bunch of mods like Skyre running ontop of it Now I've gotten morrowloot and all my armour mods working together with skyre but the issue is that there are creatures being spawned in areas around whiterun that I assume are part of the mods Infernos End and Bhruce Hammar legacy. There are several patrols of Dwemer Centurion Giants with sphere things and dwemer spiders even at lvl 1 and a seemingly invincible dragon from the mod Inferno envoys of the end (Wahdir) who seems to have a long distance move that saps health like a poison and his dragon breath is jsut an endless stream of dead imperial corpses. Do I just delete the mods? anyway to get them working with skyre?