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  • ladyonthemoon's Whitewater Farm and Eir's Rest - final and Skyrim Special Edition   By ladyonthemoon

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    ladyonthemoon's Whitewater Farm and Eir's Rest by ladyonthemoon   This is homes for the player I made for the final exam of the CK basics course DarkRider kindly put up for us here. Thank you so much! _____oOo_____ Photos album _____oOo_____ This mod adds two houses for the player to buy: Whitewater Farm, located in Whiterun hold, east of Whiterun city, near Battleborn Farm, Eir's Rest, a small house situated in Riverwood, behind the Sleeping Giant Inn. Images: For more details about the content of the houses and exterior cells, click on the image below to access the photo album: _____oOo_____ Skyrim Special Edition versions: To use this mod with Skyrim Special Edition, download the file named and extract its content into your Data files folder, exactly as you would do for the original Skyrim. If you do not want to use the version that adds the house in Riverwood, download the file named Once this done, launch the game, click on "mods" on the menu page and place it at the lowest place possible in your load order, using the "X" key and the up and down arrows. Important: Do not use the Hearthfires patch with the Skyrim Special Edition, it's included already. _____oOo_____ Requirements: Base game only but works with Dawnguard, Hearthfires and Dragonborn as well. Installation: extract the content of the archives into your ~:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data directory. Over write when windows ask for it. Launch the game, click on "Data Files" and make sure the esp is activated, use only one version of the mod at a time, if you own the Hearthfires expansion, you'll need the WWFarmHearthfiresPatch. It moves a Stone Quarry from behind the house to just outside the gate near Gerdur's house: Incompatibilities: Any mod making changes to the following cells: Wilderness cell 9, -1, Riverwood05 6, -12 and Wilderness 9, -1. What about safe storage? the main house is a safe storage in itself as it will never reset. Anything the player takes, whether it's displaying on furniture or stored in sacks, barrels, chests, cupboards, dressers, end tables, will never come back. Anything the player puts there will stay there. the house contains three bookshelves set to contain up to 6 times 18 books. the basement being Allia and Bjorn's home, it resets. all the containers outside reset. What else? Old Boy Allia and Bjorn will not respawn once they have died. once a week, on Saturday morning, Allia will spend three hours cleaning the house. Allia sells food and produce from the farm. Can the player move with spouse and children in the houses? No. I had this in mind but, as a player myself, I felt the need for a place that would be for my character only, a place to crash and rest and heal and think and feel safe. And maybe keep stuff away from children. _____oOo_____ Tip: The game has trouble "remembering" where you placed objects when you decorate your house; if you drop objects in your house and place them immediately where you want them to be and leave the house, you'll find them scattered on the floor when you come back. There is a simple fix to that glitch: drop the objects you want to place in your house on the floor, leave the house, come back into the house and place them where you want them to be. Fixed! _____oOo_____ I - Whitewater Farm: As it's name says, Whitewater Farm is a farm. It's fully functional and tended by an old couple of Nords, Allia and Bjorn. The current owner fled the country just after Alduin flew over his head after destroying Helgen but Allia and Bjorn decided that they would stay. Location: Whitewater Farm is located in Whiterun hold, east of Whiterun city, near Battleborn Farm. How to get it? Like all the other player houses, Whitewater Farm can be bought, the condition being that the Jarl permits that you buy property in their hold. As far as Whiterun is concerned, you will be allowed to buy the property after you have given the Dragonstone to Farengar. To do so: go to Whitewater Farm and pick up the note that is pinned on the door, gather 10,000 Septims, go see the current Jarl's steward in Whiterun. In exchange for the money, the steward will give the player the key to the main house and take the note. What does the player buy exactly? The player buys the entire farm and all it's dependencies: buildings and animals, except for the dog. Old Boy, the dog, belongs to Allia and Bjorn and is not for hire. Allia and Bjorn live in the basement of the farm; they don't own it, the player does, but, all its content belong to the couple. Taking anything there is stealing. _____oOo_____ II - Eir's Rest: Eir's Rest is a small house situated in Riverwood, behind the Sleeping Giant Inn. How does the player buy Eir's Rest? go fetch the dragonstone for Farengar and deliver it to him, go to Eir's Rest in Riverwood and pick up the note that is pinned next to the door, gather 2,000 Septims, go see the current Jarl's steward in Whiterun. In exchange for the money, the steward will give the player the key to the house and take the note. Anything else?   Yes! Eirs was a hunter, she died some time ago, probably killed by bandits. Her dog, Baldwin, survived and will greet the player when he comes close to the house, eager to follow the Dragonborn during his/her adventures. Note: the dog will force greet the player only one time, the player will know the dog's name after reading Eir's journal that she left on the table outside the house, hiring Baldwin will not prevent the player from hiring another dog or animal (tested with both Meeko and Vigilance, should work with the animals added by Dawnguard). _____oOo_____ If you have any problem with this mod, please leave a message below. If you like this mod, please, leave also a message below and rate it! Have fun in Skyrim! ladyonthemoon Great many thanks! To DarkRider and the TES Alliance team for the wonderful job they do here. To Tood Howard and his team for their efforts at making the Elder Scrolls world real, although virtual. _____oOo_____ Note: there is another mod by the name Whitewater Farm. I recently learnt about it; it's a pure coincidence if my mod wears the same name. Here it is:  
  • Ducks and Swans for Skyrim   By Tamira

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    ============================= Ducks and Swans for Skyrim ============================= This mod adds ducks and swans at lakes and ponds in Skyrim. Models and textures were originally made for Oblivion by Kaizit A big thank-you goes to Kaizit for giving me permission to convert the resource files for Skyrim and to publish them as a SKyrim resource: Please give Cookies to her: ============================= These ducks and swans are not creatures, they are animated statics that move on a given path, like other critters such as bees, butterflies, pond fish and hawks. So of course they show no behaviour like attack, fly, eat, rest or the like. Their only purpose is to add to the atmosphere. You can catch and loot them like the other critters, they will respawn after 10 days, provided you don't visit that area again in the meantime. The ducks yield duck breast as food item (same attributes as pheasant breast) and can be prepared (with salt) at a cooking pot to create roast duck (same attributes as roast pheasant). The swans yield swan feathers as an ingredient (same attributes as hawk feathers). You will not find the ducks and swans at every wet corner in Skyrim. I placed them where I thought it makes sense, like shallow water and ponds, and of course not in sea water or brackish water. There are a total of 96 ducks and 36 swans all over Skyrim. ============================= New in Version 1.1: Ducklings: Replaced 16 of the 28 female ducks with a "duck family" = duck mom with ducklings. Each family has in addition a separate duckling swimming around. You can catch the separate ducklings but you will get no loot from them. Who wants to kill a cute little duckling anyway? When you catch the duck family it yields duck breast like the single ducks. You will find a duck's nest near each duck family where you can collect a duck's egg (same attributes as chicken's egg). You will find these duck families, ducklings and nests more likely in the warmer regions of Skyrim. Thanks again to Kaizit for adding the new meshes for the ducklings and duck's nests! Sounds: Added quack sounds to the female (and mom) ducks (it is said that the female ducks in RL are more talkative). Giving sounds to all ducks might have resulted in too much noise. The swans are still silent (they are also called mute swans in RL for a reason). But all of them - swans, ducks and ducklings - will now utter a shout when you catch them. Speed: Reduced the speed of all the animation paths so the movements will now be slower. ============================= Compatibility: Of course there are lots of cells touched by this mod, but as this concerns only water surfaces, this should not be a big issue. I strongly recommend to put this mod at the beginning of your load order and to load all your other mods after "ducks and swans". ============================= Credits: Kaizit for making the models and textures The Niftools team for giving us Nifskope. Skyfox from the Niftools team for his great tool NifUtils Bethesda for the TES games ============================= Permissions: You may not modify and/or re-upload this mod anywhere. THIS IS NOT A MODDERS RESOURCE ! If you want to use the models and textures, please download the resource file: and give credit to the authors, including a link to this resource, as is required in the readme of the resource. =================
  • Rathunas   By syscrusher

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    Rathunas is a lovely, and fairly large, town along the extreme western edge of Cyrodiil, well north of Anvil, northwest of Skingrad, and almost due west of Kvatch. It lies just on the boundary of the large area modified by the Unique Landscapes: Brena River Ravine mod, and in fact that mod is a prerequisite for Rathunas. As you can see from the screenshot, Rathunas has as many homes and businesses as some of the walled cities in the vanilla game, but it is an open-layout town with no walls or gates. Rathunas is a mining town, founded by adventurers (now retired) who cleaned the bandits out of Infested Mine and returned it to productivity. It's a peaceful and prosperous community, with charming shops and a nearby priory devoted to Kynareth, plus sheep farms, gardens, a carpentry shop, taverns, and an inn. The quiet of Rathunas is suddenly disturbed one day, and therein lies a quest that will lead the heroic player character to a major, multilevel dungeon on an adventure to restore peace and safety to the town. The story is lore-friendly and detailed, and there are multiple ways to complete many of the quest objectives. To ensure your character is sufficiently powerful, the Rathunas quest line is triggered by the player reaching a certain point in the Oblivion main quest (or by a special NPC dialog option if you are not doing the main quest), but the Rathunas mod does not modify any vanilla quest in any way. Want to see more? Watch the Teaser Trailer and Cinematic Trailer on YouTube, but know this: There is a lot more to the dungeon than what we will show you in the videos! After all these years, our team wants to give you some brand-new surprises in Cyrodiil, so we're not going to spoil that by giving away the best dungeon features in the trailer videos! We've worked hard to make the town, and the quest, lore-friendly and immersive. The dungeon is huge, but every single room has a purpose and a back-story, if the player cares to investigate dialog and in-game clues. You can play this as hack-and-slash, because a great deal of the NPC dialogs are optional, but this is really meant for the roleplay enthusiast who wants to think and strategize and interact with NPCs. There is a reason why this dungeon was built, why its denizens are doing what they are doing, and all of this ties into the back-story lore of the vanilla quest that triggers it. The dungeon contains hundreds of custom resources from modders' libraries, plus over one hundred custom tiles and set-pieces of my own creation. There are scripted traps, portals, gateways, puzzles, enchantments, potions, and animated objects, and some of the dungeon levels are full-custom meshes (that is, they are not tiled at all). You won't survive this dungeon by assuming it is just like the vanilla dungeons you've already explored! When you complete the quest line (yes, it's several interlocking quests), you earn the eternal gratitude of the town and a reward commensurate with the scope of the adventure. Four years in development, the Rathunas mod features over 100 voice-acted NPCs with a total of more than 3300 total lines of dialog, performed by 35 voice actors. Rathunas is being cinematically scored by a collaborative team of professional composers (you can hear samples of their work in the video trailers!). The current BETA release has temporary music in the interior spaces of the town, for testing purposes, but as of this release the final music scores are not yet completed. Two levels of the dungeon have a portion of their final music tracks included in this release. PREREQUISITES SUMMARY: (More details are in the README.txt file) Latest official patched version of Oblivion
    OBSE version 21 or later
    Unique Landscapes - Brena River Ravine
    Strongly recommended but not required: Sound Commands
    Enhanced Music and Controls
    Wrye Bash is strongly recommended for installing the beta version. We plan to offer OMOD support later, but it is not available in this early release. BETA NOTES: This BETA release is fully playable. We are seeking player feedback on game balance and difficulty level. If you download, please track this file so you will be notified of updates (especially the music, which will be added as tracks are completed by the composers). The README.txt file is extensive and detailed. Before you install, please save yourself a lot of grief by taking a few minutes to read it. :-) This mod has been extensively tested by members of our team, but please do be aware that this is still a BETA release, not production status. It has a number of known bugs and a few incomplete features, and the main purpose of the beta release cycle is to find and fix other bugs. The two documentation files Rathunas-BUGLIST.txt and Rathunas-ISSUES.txt provide a list (unfortunately, with a few minor spoilers) of known problems. "Bugs" are problems that we expect to fix before production release. "Issues" are things we would like to fix, but in some cases they may be game-engine limitations that we are not sure we can overcome. We are still fine-tuning the game balance of battles. If you have constructive feedback on the battle difficulty, please comment (avoid spoilers if you can!). Tell us what general type of character you are playing (magic, stealth, or combat), your character's level, and where you have the difficulty slider for the game set. It is particularly useful if you can compare the difficulty of a Rathunas battle to those of other dungeons your character has explored at his or her current level. Just saying "The battle with ___ is too hard/too easy" doesn't help much, because we need a framework for comparison. If you find a bug that stalls one of the Rathunas quests, don't give up hope! Contact me (Syscrusher) by private message on TES Nexus or TES Alliance. I can provide console workarounds for almost any situation. PERMISSIONS: Please see the "Perms" link above for permissions and credits. Do NOT upload this mod to other sites without permission.
  • Duke Patrick's Spears In Skyrim   By

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    Duke Patrick's Spears In Skyrim REV 1.1 FINALLY!!! Required latest SKSE (as of July 2014 that is 1.6.16, ) Recommended: 1.07.00 SKSE alpha <-- this will allow your spears to include temporing (smithing bonus) to apply to the damage formula. This is probably the last update for the foreseeable future. I am switching back to my other combat mods. I made this decision tonight because I have found that my system will not work for NPC. So this turns out to be a player only game mechanics mod. I dislike those myself, but I originally I thought my system would work for NPC as well. ​Unfortunately the animation changes that you can make in the CK for "characters" only work on the player. It would seem that the behaviour files handle all of the NPC animations. ================= New in this release! ================= REV 1.1: Fixed another serious sprint bug that stopped the thrust attacks from working after using the mod for a while. This mod has changed to loose files instead of a BSA because too many other spear mods that players may have previously used use animations that are similar and a BSA is overridden by loose files. REV 1.09.1: Fixed sprint bug (that stopped the thrust attacks from working) introduced in REV 1.09 (sorry about that). REV 1.09: Fix to add the ISATTACKING Bool to the games systems when you SPRINT ATTACK with a spear. ================= New in the previous release! ================= Fix to add the ISBASHING Bool to the games systems when you bash with a spear. If you use my Duke Patrick's Archery and Heavy Weapons Combat you need to update to 18.05 of that mod as well. Fixed serious issue were the damage/stagger script was running twice on each hit. This mod will now communicate with my Duke Patrick's Archery and Heavy Weapons Combat mod rev 18.01 or greater . Now feints, armor gaps, locational damage and the other features of my melee combat mod will work with the spears. You may need to adjust your damage WAY DOWN in this Spears mod using the configuration file. This mod will now communicate with my Duke Patrick's Archery and Heavy Weapons Combat mod rev 18.02 or greater . Now feints, armor gaps, locational damage and the other features of my melee combat mod will work with the spears. You may need to adjust your damage WAY DOWN in this Spears mod using the configuration file. Fixed Walking dead bug. This happens when you do not check some actor's status before applying staggers. Fixed error in my script logic that made greatswords and battle axe into spears: Now will work with Game pad controllers! Now you may set one custom word for the word filter list to include any weapon name you want. As long as it is a 2 handed weapon it will be considered a spear by this mod. Set this in the aadpSpears configuration file. =============== DESCRIPTION =============== Finally, Spears In Skyrim! Even spears from other mods can work. NO, it does not replace any of the weapons nor any of the normal attack animations. You will have all your normal weapons and attacks PLUS a spear that can be used to do the same kinds of things as weapons (like blocking with the shaft) but also you can do a few powerful thrust attacks! I had this working YEARS ago using a clever and simple method, all I needed was someone to make a 2handed spear thrust weapon animation. I used a 1 handed spear thrust animation I found, but I did not want 1h spears! I asked around and looked for animators but no one was interested in making 2h spear animations. So this had to wait, a long time... Thanks to animator h1zchan this mod now sees the light of day. What I am doing is a scripting "side step" of the problems the game throws at modders to prevent easy animation modding. My little trick will allow a few spear thrust attacks without removing any of the normal attacks. With my "slight of hand" scripting trick my mod will know you have a spear in your hands and play the spear thrust attacks instead of normal 2h axe attacks. But technically the weapon will be in the class of a 2h axe. The thrusts will be for the moving back, and moving to the left or right (power and normal) attacks. These are all now powerful attacks and do serious damage unless the target blocks the attack or they get in too close to you or you miss the shot. If they are too close you will not be able to hit them with the thrust. The moving forward power attack and all the standing attacks will be the normal 2h axe animations. HOWEVER you can SPRINT with the weapon and RAM THRUST anything in the way as long as you are sprinting at full speed and moving forward. And you can perform a Buttstroke with the moving forward attack (not the moving forward power attack). This Buttstroke is a type of power attack that will not do a lot of damage (has less impulse force) but will hit with a lot of push force to stagger the victim. Thrusts and the Buttstoke will NOT work while your stamina is zero! You will receive two spears when the mod is loaded. There is a LONG heavy spear and a short light spear. These are simple WOOD shafts with a small but nice steel spear head. In latter revisions I will add them to merchants and other containers to be found. I do not use "level lists" in my mods because often my mods need to be loaded last even after the bash patch. I use my own method of distributing such items into the game world. For now don't lose the free spears as there will be no way to get another one. This will be changed in a latter revision. However... YES you can use any 2h spear from any mod IF the spear has the word "spear" (or the words listed below) in the name of the weapon. The words that this mod will use to recognize spears: yari, partizan, partisan, gar, lance, lancet, mizrak, lanze, speer, lanza, pike, geirr, spidde, kopi, sulita, kopye, vigr, spjot, oszczep, lancia, pilum, spiculum, javelin, polearm, pole arm. If any of the above words are in the name of the weapon and it is a 2h weapon this mod will treat it as if it is a spear. I do not intended this to be a complete list, but it should cover most names from most of the world with out requiring complicated "string" conversion and incompatible fonts. These names were researched and given to me by Mr.Dave of Bobs Armory Mod, see here for his mod of weapons: Bewared if the spear you get from a mod is ridiculously long or fast (such as anima weapons) you may have issues with the synchronization of the animations and when and where the attack hits. I will ignore anyone asking for mod support cornering this, you have been warned! =============== How to use the mod: =============== Because of the critical animation edits you must load this mod LAST no exceptions! Even AFTER the bash patch. Keep in mind that if you are TOO CLOSE you will not be able to hit (damage) using the thrust and Thrusts will not work while your stamina is zero! I find the best tactic is to run backwards then thrust as they come in... then immediately block their next attack as they close the distance and then spin a little into a new direction and run backwards and repeat until they are dead! The spear thrust is not easy to use, you will miss much MUCH more often than with other weapons. However it is a little more difficult for your opponents to block the thrust and when the thrust does hit it is devastating! This is an "all or nothing" weapon that depends on the user not making a mistake. If the opponent overruns you, you will suffer! But if you can skillfully land your thrust before that happens you will do 2x the damage shown in the weapons menu less the mitigated damage from armor and magic protections. The two handed skill, armor, magic damage protection and smithing bonuses all are including in this! It may be best not start this mod until you are completely out of the tutorial part of the game (Helgen and the caves of Helgen). Many kinds of mods have issues with the TES tutorials (in Oblivion as well). It is just a much more complicated game environment for the scripts. User Damage Modification Settings As I was trying to keep the scripting light weight I had to choose between two possible conditions for the damage done in the Move Back Thrust. One is that the target is ramming himself onto your spear as they chase you (as you are backing up) but then your stop dead to brace the thrust. The other is were they stand in one place and allow you to back up into the best range to then stab at them from afar. I chose the first. As such the physics of the moving target mass and the focused force on the point of the spear and the devastating angle of incidence (90 degrees more or less, this is not a swing like with other weapons) equals a serious amount of stopping power and damage! But the spear is only good when you are behind some cover that the opponent cannot pass (the same as with arrows, so I do not really care that this may be an issue for spears) or you have a wide open space to fight and you do not have to worry about tripping while you are backing up. Try doing this with a combat mod (such as my own) that trips you when you move backwards over obstacles. OR even without such a mod try this in the twisting hallways and small rooms of a castle or cave However, unlike my other combat mods I am trying to make this mod work for all the players that have been yearning for spears ever since 11.11.11. So I am offering a way for the user to make tweaks to the thrust damage: Go into the console and type: set aadpDamMod to 2.0 set aadpBackWardDamMod to 2.0 set aadpSprintDamMod to 4.0 set aadpButtStokeDamMod to 0.5 The above numbers are the defaults. =========== Known Issue: =========== Naturally with skyrim modding there are caveats... At this time this mod only works in third person. Once H1zchan can figure out the 1st person animations he said he will make them, I will update this mod then. Spear thrust will not deliver poisons nor magic enchainment. Anyone that wants to contribute scripting that will handle this is free to contact me about this and will have my gratitude and be credited. I probably could struggle through this myself and get something working in a week or 4 but I have another mod that needs the my time more than this feature does. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like this mod try my other Skyrim mods: Duke Patricks - Heavy Weapons Combat Melee combat overhaul mod based on my 30 years of real life melee combat fighting tournaments in the SCA. Here: Duke Patrick's - Savvy Save Auto Save when it is smart to save based on what you have been doing in the game (not TIMER saves)! here: I only answer questions for this mod here: Look for or "Duke Patrick" mods and you will find me. =============== Thanks =============== Thanks to H1zchan for allowing me to use his animations. If this mod is not right for you I strongly encourage you to try his animation replacer mod : He has found a good "balance" between the 2h weapons and the spear so that they both work well in Skyrim. Thanks for spear name research done by Mr.Dave of Bobs Armory Mod. see here for his mod of weapons: